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Your Body Reveals: Awaken to Your Truth: 7 Steps to Wholeness

Your Body Reveals: Awaken to Your Truth: 7 Steps to Wholeness

Автором Lisa Berman

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Your Body Reveals: Awaken to Your Truth: 7 Steps to Wholeness

Автором Lisa Berman

204 pages
2 hours
Dec 4, 2012


Your body is totally honest! Are you listening? Do you understand what it is telling you? Your Body Reveals: Awaken to Your Truth offers a depth of wisdom through Lisa Bermans psychosomatic and empirical understanding.
Learn how thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions can manifest as symptoms, illness, and disease.
Understand the bodys communication and the inherent message from your Soul.
Experience 7 Steps to Wholeness.
Create an awakened life in harmony with your Soul.
Choose effective exercises and meditations for your personal healing, and learn essentials for a
nutritional diet.
Your Body Reveals: Awaken to Your Truth is a handbook to guide you to more balance, inner peace, health, and wholeness.

This book could change the lives of millions
Ruediger Dahlke, MD, psychotherapist, author

invites us to a profound understanding of health and wholeness, where physical symptoms, illness and disease are seen as a call from our Soul for deeper alignment and wholeness
Leah Green, director of The Compassionate Listening Project

offers us a practical, in-depth manual for living a healthy, wholesome, and inspired life.
Deva Premal, musician

for anyone seeking to better understand the healing process for themselves or for their clients.
Dr. Sheila Kingsbury, ND, Bastyr University

Dec 4, 2012

Об авторе

Lisa Berman is an internationally acclaimed healer. Her emphasis is on psychosomatic counseling, transformative health-coaching, and “spiritual midwifery” for change, transformation, and healing. Her thirty years’ experience in private practice spans twenty years in Germany and ten in the United States. She is an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington. Her empirical work directed her to the understanding that disease, illness, and emotional dis-balances have a deeper message from our Soul. The Soul is our “body whisperer.” Lisa is married and lives in Ojai, California.

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Your Body Reveals - Lisa Berman






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The author of this book does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and the publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.

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For You –

The Seeker of Health, Well-being and Truth





1 Approaches to Health Care: A Brief Overview

Conventional Views About Health

Alternative Views on Health

2 Disease is the Effort to Regain Balance and Health

The Call to Wholeness

The Body’s Early Warning System

Freeing Blocked Emotions

3 Empowered Reality

Everything is Energy

Creating Reality

The Power of the Mind

The Power of the Heart

4 The Body Reveals

Listening to Your Body

Using Your Body as a Guide

5 Steps to Wholeness

Step 1: Accept What Is

Step 2: Change Your Perspective

Step 3: Let Go of Your Persona

Step 4: Connect with Your True Self

Step 5: Give Acknowledgement

Step 6: Access Your Inherent Potential

Step 7: Shift into Wholeness

6 Be a Conscious Co-Creator

Live Your Life’s Purpose

Be Love, Joy, and Happiness

You and All-That-Is

7 Empathy, Compassion and Mirror Neurons


Mirror Neurons

Awaken to Your Truth

8 Staying in Balance

The Gift of Meditation

Breathe as a Centering Practice

9 The Body Reveals: From Head to Heart to Hands and Toes

10 You Are What You Eat

Your Body Knows What it Needs

Tips for Healthy Eating

Food Facts for Optimum Health

Consequences of Eating Processed Food

The Gluten Problem

Sweetener Overload

Consequences of Eating Animal Protein

Healthy Fats

Conscious Living

11 Living with the Seasons

Spring: Awakening, Growth, Change and Expansion

Summer: Love and Joy

Late Summer: Being Grounded and Connected

Autumn: Harvest Time

Winter: Peace and All-Encompassing Love

12 Visions of Health and Wholeness

Vision for the Future of Healthcare

About the Author

Books, Resources, People & Organizations


Life challenges each of us every day. Not only do we deal with our individual life, we are also connected to family, friends, colleagues, community, and through the ever-present media, with people from around the entire planet. I learned through my own growing up in post war Germany that I was not only experiencing the complexity of my family’s psychological inheritance, but also the collective field of suffering in my country at that time. I sensed a silence through countless unspoken words and unexpressed emotions about what happened during WWI and WWII. I learned that deep emotional experiences live on in an energetic field of a person, in each family system, and in the collective consciousness.

In my youth, I questioned the deeper meaning of life, suffering, disease and death unceasingly. In my early twenties, when I moved to Berlin, I felt the suffering of the past everywhere in the city, and felt the open emotional wounds in the collective field of post war Germany. Later I listened to many personal stories from my patients. I realized that if there is no release and healing, parts of us are captured in those past experiences, and the energies continue to act out in an unconscious manner in ourselves and in our family system. They show up in emotional, mental or physical imbalances and diseases. One overall question guided me: How can the past be healed and integrated so that we can be fully who we are and free to live our life’s purpose?

Over the course of many years I came to understand, life is suffering, and is caused by our perception and attachments which influence how we respond to life. Most of us don’t act from a place of oneness or wholeness and are not aware of who we really are and what our purpose is. We are in survival and reaction mode, motivated to gain outer perfection and seeking happiness through material gain. We keep ourselves busy in the doing and are caught in unmet and unfulfilled needs promoted to us as necessities by media and cultural standards. We easily accept that Being qualities like inner peace, happiness, and equanimity are rare moments or only for some exceptional beings.

Through my professional experience specializing in Psychosomatic Medicine I learned that our body symptoms and diseases are signals - red flags wanting attention from our Soul.¹ They are a wake-up call and can become an enriching initiation process by awakening us to our need to evolve and re-align.

In this book I will present a widened approach to healing that can be of great help and bring you more inner peace and joy. My core understanding is that healing begins within us, that we are here to discover our true nature and live our unique expression. I believe that our essence is love, that health is inner peace, and now is the only moment there is.

I will make references to your Soul, your I AM, your true nature, your true Self, your essence - all are the source of your life and your greatest Being. I use these descriptive words at different times, and yet I mean one thing: That you are divine. By connecting with your true Self, you will transform fears into self-empowered action and ultimately become both the healer and the healed.


I am holding this book with great gratitude and appreciation for the many wonderful people, who inspired me. First and foremost, I would like to thank my husband Brian, the great love of my life, for his amazing contribution and encouragement. Before we ever met we followed similar paths, seeking truth, health, and inner and outer peace. We met during a Compassionate Listening Jewish German Reconciliation Project, and found healing of a deep cultural wound in both of our lives. We have given workshops, trainings, and programs in Germany and the US. Brian’s insightful editing, corrections of my imperfect English, his wisdom and inspiration, were the greatest blessing for the completion of this book.

I want to thank Janet Conner for interviewing us about Compassionate Listening in preparation for her first book, ‘Writing Down Your Soul." The interview lead her to modify her book and in return she gifted us participation in her ‘Plug In’ class. That class was instrumental in the manifestation of this book. I thank her also for referring me to a wonderful editor, Jo Ann Deck, who provided great support and suggestions, which brought this book to the next level. My deepest sincere thanks go to my dear friend and editor Neva Welton who refined and completed the book with her outstanding skills and thorough edits. My special gratitude goes to the first person to read the book, Tone Orvik, for providing wonderful feedback, asking important questions, and motivating me to continue.

I owe my deepest gratitude to all my patients in my practice in Berlin, Germany; Indianola and Seattle, Washington; and Ojai, California. Each of you touched and inspired me and contributed to this book in your own ways. Many thanks also to all the students and participants of my workshops.

Heartfelt thanks go to my wonderful family and friends, in particular my dear friend Doris, and to my extended community for all their love and support. I want to deeply thank Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, Dr. Sheila Kingsbury, Leah Green, Linda Wolf, and Deva Premal who wrote such honoring endorsements for this book.

Finally I want to thank all the great teachers and mentors in my life. Each provided me with great insights and blessings on my path.


We are not the healers;

but happily, given the grace and skills required,

we may be part of the process.

Ron Kurtz, Founder of Hakomi Therapy

There is an inherent wisdom in each body. Are you listening to its messages and do you understand them? Most people seek a quick treatment for their symptoms, and miss the opportunity to get in touch with the Soul’s deep intention. Think of your Soul as the body whisperer and the symptoms as the messenger. In this way your Soul is constantly communicating through the body and is using the language of symptoms to speak with you.

As a healer, I am saddened to see that the typical approach to healing is to fix the symptoms. This misdirects the deeper purpose, which is seldom seen or even looked at, and can lead to more acute and chronic conditions. Despite the amazing resources, research and talent, this approach is particularly widespread in the Western world where heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are diagnosed in epidemic proportions.

In this book I outline common medical healing approaches, holistic alternatives, and offer ways in which I view disease through my empirical experiences, observations and Soul-based integrative insights. I don’t claim to be a scientist, yet I will show how sciences like quantum physics, Epigenetics, and the work at the Institute of HeartMath are validating this expanded view on disease and healing processes.

Your Body Reveals: Awaken to Your Truth is a guide and workbook for self-help with life changing information, 7 Steps to Wholeness, meditations, and basic nutritional information. The core message is that disease and suffering are a call to awakening, an enriching initiation toward self-love and learning, and enhancing your spiritual dimension into wholeness. The key intention is to open you up to an expanded perspective and a self-empowered healing process.

As you review each chapter presented here, may you get deep insights about yourself and what your Soul is expressing through your body. May the book provide a frame for greater well-being and allow healing to happen. May it be a guide to help you become who you truly are: your most beautiful Being.


Your Body Reveals: Awaken to Your Truth is based on the author’s thirty years of professional experience as a holistic healer. Berman found that emotional imbalances, physical symptoms, illness and disease, arise with a deeper message than just their symptoms. The information and suggestions provided are not a substitute for the services of a healthcare professional. The author does not give medical advice or recommend the use of any technique as treatment without the direction of a physician. Berman’s intent is to offer information of a general nature to assist the reader in the desire for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. It shows a path towards wholeness and acknowledges different approaches.

Your Body Reveals: Awaken to Your Truth was created to help the reader examine the deeper messages, and possible causes, embedded in symptoms. However, not all of the information and ideas will resonate with readers. Be inspired and use only what feels right to you. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and publisher cannot assume responsibility for your actions.

Lastly, the stories in the book are all true, but the names remain anonymous in respect for individual privacy.


Approaches to Health Care:

A Brief Overview

Face everything, avoid nothing.

Andrew Cohen

When it comes to your physical, emotional and mental

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