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Facebook Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Building Authority, Creating Engagement and Making Money Through Facebook

Facebook Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Building Authority, Creating Engagement and Making Money Through Facebook

Автором Mark Smith

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Facebook Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Building Authority, Creating Engagement and Making Money Through Facebook

Автором Mark Smith

3/5 (2 оценки)
63 pages
1 hour
Aug 25, 2018


Create Amazing Business Opportunities And Reach More Followers Using the Power of Facebook Marketing!

How can you leverage the power of Facebook to build a solid business?

This valuable resource has several proven strategies and little-known techniques that social media marketers can start using right away for building brands, stirring a buzz about their products and services, establishing authority and reaching a larger audience. 
The book holds your hand and helps you traverse the landscape of Facebook by offering you tons of actionable, tested and result-oriented tactics. It's all presented in an easy to understand and straightforward manner. 

Here are some of the things you can take away from the book:

  • How to Build An Effective Business Page
  • Step by Step Guide to Creating and Running Winning Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • 4 Ways To Make Money From The Goldmine Called Facebook
  • How to Leverage the Power of Facebook Groups
  • 13 Killer Strategies for Building Engagement
  • And much more …

You can be an internet marketer, brand building professional, small business owner or a rank newbie looking to build a profitable business on Facebook. 
The book gives you an in-depth overview and insights about everything from the best time to post for receiving maximum traction from your audience to determining the colors you can use in your visuals make you brand more desirable.

Get familiar with the functions, handy features and general protocols of Facebook, and build winning business!
Take Action Right Now. Click the Buy Button.

Aug 25, 2018

Об авторе

Dr. Mark A. Smith is President of Columbia International University, a growing university in South Carolina. He previously served as President of Ohio Christian University for 12 years, where he led a team of experts in growing the University from 380 to more than 4,700 students and helped fund $30 million in facilities. He has served on the Board of Directors for Associates for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and Columbus 2020. He was on the State Board of Education in Ohio and currently serves on the ELEOS Corporate Board. The governor of South Carolina recently appointed him to the South Carolina Commission of Higher Education. Dr. Smith has a B.A. from Hobe Sound Bible College, a M.S. from Northeastern State University and graduated from West Virginia University with a Doctorate in Education Administration. Dr. Smith completed Harvard University’s Institute of Educational Management for Executive Management. Dr. Smith and his wife, Debbie, have two children.

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Facebook Marketing - Mark Smith

Facebook Marketing

A Comprehensive Guide for Building Authority, Creating Engagement and Making Money Through Facebook

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Facebook Marketing Tips for Beginners

Chapter Three: 13 Fantastic Tips for Boosting Engagement

Chapter Four: Killing it with Facebook Advertising

Chapter Five: Clever Ways to Make Money On Facebook


© Copyright 2017 by Mark Smith - All rights reserved.

The following eBook is reproduced below with the goal of providing information that is as accurate and reliable as possible. Regardless, purchasing this eBook can be seen as consent to the fact that both the publisher and the author of this book are in no way experts on the topics discussed within and that any recommendations or suggestions that are made herein are for entertainment purposes only. Professionals should be consulted as needed prior to undertaking any of the action endorsed herein.

This declaration is deemed fair and valid by both the American Bar Association and the Committee of Publishers Association and is legally binding throughout the United States.

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Additionally, the information in the following pages is intended only for informational purposes and should thus be thought of as universal. As befitting its nature, it is presented without assurance regarding its prolonged validity or interim quality. Trademarks that are mentioned are done without written consent and can in no way be considered an endorsement from the trademark holder.


Congratulations on downloading your personal copy of Facebook Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Building Authority, Creating Engagement and Making Money through Facebook.  Thank you for doing so.

The following chapters will discuss some of the basics that you need to know in order to get started with Facebook marketing. It is one of the best marketing options that you can use to really form a relationship with your customers and promote your business. This book is going to spend some time talking about how to get started and will offer tips, proven strategies, and wisdom nuggets for building a powerful and profitable Facebook business.

The techniques shared in this book will be as straightforward and actionable as possible so even beginners can get their feet wet in the lucrative world of Facebook marketing.

There are plenty of books on this subject on the market, thanks again for choosing this one! Every effort was made to ensure it is full of as much useful information as possible, please enjoy!

Chapter One: Introduction to Facebook Marketing

Did you know that about 1.09 billion internet users log in to Facebook daily, with the number growing at a staggering 16% each year? It is one of the most popular social media platforms that account for 77% of all social media logins. Little wonder, then, those millions of ambitious online entrepreneurs are tapping into this beehive of viral activity related to both- personal and business accounts.

According to a Quicksprout survey, 80% of social media users in the United States prefer connecting with brands via Facebook.

Facebook is a brilliant medium for engaging visitors, building authority, driving traffic to your website and increasing your credibility as a brand. It helps you laser target your audience, and convert these interested people into leads, ultimately creating a base of loyal customers. Thus any business can leverage the power of Facebook to boost engagement, optimize their presence and build a solid brand.

Yes, it can be challenging to master the nuances of social media as it’s a dynamic platform

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