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The Taste of Life Everlasting

The Taste of Life Everlasting

Автором William Stage

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The Taste of Life Everlasting

Автором William Stage

115 pages
1 hour
Mar 4, 2014



A fiction town

Called COLTON in the STATE OF OK

a young couple PARKER and OLIVIA BOLES

arrive on a stage coach theyve come to open a baked good shop

full of cookies and cakes and cookies a special recipe giving to OLIVIA by her grandmother


these recipes cures people of different things and some makes you young

ETHEL CALDWELL and her husband owns the town

her husband is the MAYOR and the SHERIFF


when she hears theres another baked good shop in town she is furious she dont want competition
Mar 4, 2014

Об авторе

WILLIAM STAGE is MARRIED TO HIS WIFE TRACIE THEY LIVE IN hot springs ARKANSAS in the country On TRACIE PARENTS 8 ACRES FARM THEY HAVE TWO GROWN CHILDREN Rebecca is 29 years old who lives with them their son ADAM Newly married one year to BRITTANY who lives on the farm as well in a remade cow barn converted into an upstairs apartment

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The Taste of Life Everlasting - William Stage


Chapter 1

In A Western Town of Colton, Oklahoma

It’s the years of the 1800’s in the Wild West. The stagecoach is headed towards town carrying two passengers, a couple in their thirties, Olivia and Parker Bolt. Olivia has blonde hair, green eyes. She’s wearing a blue and white dress with a petticoat underneath and is carrying a parasol with ruffles. Parker has dark hair, brown eyes and is wearing a suit with a derby hat.

It’s the middle of June and the sun is hot. The roads are rough, dry, and dirty. Olivia and Parker are headed for the city of Colton to start a new life and business for themselves. They are newlyweds and for a wedding gift Olivia’s grandmother gave them a special recipe for baked goods, cookies and a special punch, promising them it would make people young again.

Olivia was holding onto her closed parasol tightly. A wee voice called out from inside the parasol, Hey, Ms. Olivia, we there yet?

Shhhhh, no, not yet, but almost. answered Olivia.

The children are getting quite squished inside the parasol.

Don’t blame them, answered Parker, How’d you like to be squished for several hours in a tiny, tiny parasol?

Colton City, next stop announced the stagecoach driver.

We’re getting off at Colton called out Olivia.

Yes, Miss, you got it.

The stagecoach finally slowed down to a stop. The driver climbed down and opened the door for Olivia and Parker. He helped Ms. Olivia down and helped them with their luggage. Several passengers were waiting to get aboard.

Olivia and Parker looked around. They noticed a country store, CROMWELL’S GENERAL MERCANTILE. Olivia and Parker headed to the mercantile. The door jingled and a short man wearing a gray apron greeted them. Well, hello there, welcome to Cromwell. What can we do for you? the clerk asked Olivia

Are you Mr. Cromwell? asked Olivia.

Um, nope, unless I’m wearing a dress. That’s Ethel Cromwell, the mayor’s wife. They about own everything here in town; bank, hotel, this mercantile, and of course, Ethel’s fancy and fresh baked goods. You folks just passing through or have kin folks here?

Oh, we’re just moving in, said Parker, going to open a baked goods shop in town.

The man had a scared look on his face. Ahhh, your kiddin’ right?

Nooooo! Dead serious, answered Olivia, why, is there a problem?

Does Ethel know you’re here? asked the man.

No, why? asked Parker.

"Do me a favor, leave quietly before Ethel gets wind of you. You seem like nice folks, but Ethel’s been kinda’ accustomed to having her own business. To know another baked goods store is in town—Ewwww, it just wouldn’t be pretty," said Turnly.

The door jingled and a small blonde girl sucking a lollipop came skipping in. Oh, hello, Mr. Turnly, my mama said she needs some sugar and don’t cheat her.

She stopped and looked at Olivia and Parker. Who are you? she asked rudely.

I’m Ms. Olivia and this is Mr. Parker.

Mr. Turnly was trying to warn Olivia by shushing them.

Well, we don’t like strangers until we get to know them. What are you two doing in this town?

We’re going to open a baked goods store, full of cookies, pies, and cakes. Doesn’t that sound nice?

"Ewwwww, my mama’s gonna, (she motioned by crossing her finger across her throat). Mama!" she began hollering out the door.

Lovely child, said Parker. Who is she?

Mr. Turnly had his hands over his face as he answered. Penny Cromwell, Ethel’s daughter. Ah, well, it’s been nice knowing you.

As Mr. Turnly went back to his sweeping, Olivia and Parker headed back outside and back down the street until they came to a closed-down shop. Parker dusted the window with his hand and in faded words he saw BAKED GOODS.

Ah, this looks perfect, said Olivia. She tried the door knob and it was still unlocked. The both walked inside.

It’s a bit dusty, but I can see a lovely shop out of this.

From inside the parasol the voices called out again. Heyyyyyy, have we stopped?

Oh, I totally forgot about the children. Olivia unfolded her parasol and out floated several little helpers with small parachutes.

Sorry, Tinker, I got so excited about this place we forgot to let everyone out. What do you think? asked Olivia.

Tinker was a small, wee elf, about two feet high. He walked around the room, rubbing his chin, speaking to himself. We’ll place baked goods in the corner: pies, cookies and cakes. Yes, it will work nicely.

Tinker took out a small whistle and played a little melody. Everyone stood in line, ready for their assignments.


Yes, sir. One of the elves came forward. Cupcakes and frosting.

Yes, sir, answered Starlite, with a salute.

Sugarplum, called out Tinker. Another elf came forward. Cookies and cakes.

Yes, sir. answered Sugarplum.

Now, then, Butterfingers and Snickerdoodle. He looked around. In the corner were two elves, snoring away. Tinker slipped over quietly and stood over them.

The two elves woke without seeing Tinker next to them.

Say, Snickerdoodle, said the one called Butterfingers. Look to make sure old Tinker Butt ain’t looking our way.

Oh, okay, answered Snickerdoodle.

Snickerdoodle opened his eyes to find Tinker with his arms folded, glaring down at them.

Well, ya see him? asked Butterfingers.

Uh huh, said Snickerdoodle.

Well, what is he doing? asked Butterfingers.

Standing over us, answered Snickerdoodle.

Well, that’ll be okay. said Butterfingers. Then realizing what Snickerdoodle just said, they both jumped up.

I get so lonely when everyone’s not here, said Tinker. Now, what did you call me?

Um, I forget, said Butterfingers.

I remember, said Snickerdoodle. You called him a Tinker Butt.

Butterfinger slapped Snickerdoodle on the back of the head, which started a fight.

Hey, hey, break it up. You two join the others. Now that we’re all here, said Tinker, giving the certain two a mean look as he spoke.

Each elf was carrying a small knapsack on his back. Okay, fellow workers, time to put on a work belt and get to work. Each reached in his knapsack and pulled out a small belt with several buttons on it.

Tinker took out his belt and put it on. He pushed accordion notes on his belt and there was a flash. The once dusty baked goods place was a beautiful place, full of racks and shelves.

Well, now, isn’t that pretty? said Tinker.

Snickerdoodle tapped Tinker on the shoulder.

Well, asked Tinker, still angry?

Ummm, we don’t have a pretty belt like the rest, said Snickerdoodle.

That’s because you haven’t earned them yet. Tinker reached in his knapsack, brought out a long list of mistakes Butterfingers and Snickerdoodle had done.

Do I need to go over the list of why you don’t have a belt? asked Tinker.

Um, that’s OK, said Snickerdoodle.

The door jingled and a woman entered the store. Ah, good morning, said Olivia. We’re not quite ready for business.

That’s good, replied the woman. Behind her was the little girl, Penny.

See, Mama, I told ya’ someone has come to town. Boyyyyyy, you’re gonna’ get it now.

Ahhh, it’s little Penny isn’t it and this must be Ether, said Parker.

That’s Ethel, corrected Ethel.

Ah, yes, Ethel, what a pleasant surprise. Little Penny said we might be expecting you. Do come in.

None of that now. Name’s Ethel Cromwell and I own the Fancy Treats Bake Shop down the street.

Oh, yes, nice to meet you, said Olivia as she extended her hand.

Ethel just looked at her and said, I been here a long time—plan to stay that way.

Funny, said Parker, You don’t look that old.

What?!!!, said Ethel. Anyway, you just stay on your side of the street and we’ll get along. Come, Penny.

So long, Peggy, called out Parker.

Penny began

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