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A Castle for a Princess: Poems and Short Stories for Nicole Casey

A Castle for a Princess: Poems and Short Stories for Nicole Casey

Автором Johnny Wong

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A Castle for a Princess: Poems and Short Stories for Nicole Casey

Автором Johnny Wong

372 pages
3 hours
Jun 11, 2014


The title of my book called "Castle for a Princess." About my niece Nicole Casey, poetry and short stories under her named. She's my favorite niece. The manuscripts explained how "Uncle Johnny" viewed the world around him, by writing imaginary, poetic, creativity things for Nicole. I had written stuffs, concerning injustices, human suffering, compassions, understanding, loving kindness, forgiveness.

My message toward her audiences, a good writer doesn't write about him or herself, but a good writers writes about how people influences me from childhoods to adulthoods. Now what I said the truth, pleased whoever reading, not saying or using false humanities, condemning myself, so peoples could blessed, boosted about me.

I myself did not lived a very good life, never desired my niece's, nephews, I wanted Nicki not to follow my footsteps. I give the best stuffs to her. Often told Nicki "my generosity, m writing, my music, never "Uncle Johnny", belongs to Nicki.

This manuscript and to the audience when it comes to any form of art, such as writers, entertainers, sport athletics, never dream too big, do not have too high expectation. On the other hand, I told "others don't ever give up your dream." Many famous author kept a diary when they're young, started writing in their high school news letters, then editor, columnist for big new papers such as the New York Times, Dairy News, New York Post, News Days. Many hold full times jobs, and did free-lance writings for famous persons.

One day an Afro-American woman said in front of PSCH class, said to everybody sitting down, "Johnny a good writer, I really enjoyed reading his writing."
My response was "many people enjoyed reading my stuff, on the other hand, I might never get it published." "Being an author not considered an easy task, I 'll have to be able to received criticism for others." "Johnny never give up hope, never stop, always think the good in life, someday some publisher would be knocking on your door, sooner or later, your writing will be publisher." Those words were coming from Sonia.
Jun 11, 2014

Об авторе

My name, Johnny Wong. No greater gift, than receiving the silks, talent in writing. Writing is within my blood, won’t traded place with it. When I write, feeling the force moving within my body. Many authors failed to get their manuscripts published, because there expectation are too high. If an author only dreamed about achieving fame, success and wealth, their writing world would shatter. But at the same time, we must at else have some hope in this field. Never think negative, always think positive. Stay away from people that said “you’re never made it as a writer.” They’re not helping, instead, giving you a low self-esteems. Is true not everybody going to get there manuscripts published. On the other hand, everybody books, difference. If people did not get there works published, no right for them to say “you’re never become a writer. Make writing as a way to reach out and comfort people whose going to difficulties moments. The key to any success in writing and music, is imaginary, poetic and creativities.

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A Castle for a Princess - Johnny Wong




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ISBN: 978-1-4917-1285-6 (sc)

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In a place where ethnic minorities still dominated in most major cities across America, right at the heart of New York City, in Belle Harbor the Irish communities still proudly holds on to their culture and history of their ancestry.

As summer arrived, changing colors of leafs plus the growing of grass symbolized the birth of Ireland. Every summer kids, parents, adults and elderly flooded to the beach, first plunged into water every boy dream of becoming Michael Phelps. Every girl loves to swim like Esther Williams.

As evening approached there’s magic in the air. They put on a show by the barn fire at the beach. Irish folk songs and dances light up the sky.

When autumn appeared leafs transformed to orange red, sun set arrived early, Belle Harbor reached it forbidden noon.

Little children are dressed up in their beautiful costumes ready for Trick O’ Treat. At 8 o’ clock huddle of people packed the Q 53 bus ready for work.

When winter came, brought the Casey and Wong family together, the warm spirit of Thanksgiving Christmas signified a time of giving and receiving.

Snow filled the street resembled Bing Crosby, a chorus of a White Christmas. We watch the building of snow man, with pretty decoration of color full neon light, transforming its neighborhood into a lovely scene.

Being around this ethnic enclave, pride still matter. My nieces and nephew have never forgotten their Irish heritage. In the heart of Belle Harbor, New York, they could proudly proclaimed, a place of their own.

By Johnny Wong


Hi, I am an unborn baby living in my mother belly. Right now, don’t have a name yet. I don’t know when I will I come out from my mommy womb. Event though I am still inside of her stomach, communicate by kicking, moving, with two little feet.

I ask my parent when will I be born. I keep a diary in my heart. Today the doctor gave me some good news, be born any moment from now.

My parents haven’t given me a name yet; wish to be called Stephanie, Stacey, or Kelly. Some day when I grow up I desire to be a doctor similar to my dad, maybe a nurse like my mom. Some say I resemble my father.

My daddy given a name, from now on I will be called Kelly. I feel certain excitement within me. I can’t wait to be born, so play with brother and sister.

Kelly you have a four year old sister, Nicky, a brother, Sean. You’re precious sister is an adorable person. I think you are going to admire her. Sean first importance is food. This is where he does best in.

Suddenly you appeared on New Year Eve, finally came into the family picture. Obtain the eye of your daddy and have the face of your mommy. We will keep from all harms.

She talks to us by looking at her parents and relatives, by smiling at those who are around her. She wishes to be a ballet dancer, as she’s gets older. This is a baby sent from Heaven.


Bright, full of intellect launched her path.

A young college grad. full of confidence ready for a challenge.

Her almamater NYU.

Her graduation ceremony was cum-laude.

First interview energetic.

Every question was magnetic respond.

Interviewer asked why should I hire you?

If you give me a minute worth of your time, I will make it happen.

Journey of a banker story began.

A journey was striving for glory.

Monies make the world go round and round.

In everybody dream world, a buck speaks louder than words.

Her hard work and determination enable her co-workers to follow her footstep.

For those who couldn’t compete, took sidestep.

Her achievement raised J.P. Morgan Chase to an encomium.

Climbing the economic ladder was like, beating the drum slowly.

Today she’s is vice-president of J.P. Morgan Chase.

Full of grace may her story reach to her children’s.

By Johnny Wong


Rise and shined 6:30 a.m. at higher ground café.

Seeing your humor smiled brighter my day.

The cute funny Texas girl adored my accent.

Your funny smiled tells of Jesus flower plant.

A cup of coffee from a New Yorker jive.

Reflection of your face symbolized Jesus chive.

A smiled, a laughter imparted Jesus character.

If you missed your train at I hop considered to be a laughter.

Every time you sneered at my speech, tells Jesus humor.

God will reserved a flight for a voyage.

All you giggled shined on Jesus brightness.

As I returned home dazzled by your cheerfulness.

Adorable Texas girl could be as funny as Kelly Casey.

Women who loved to giggle happen to be Irish.

Rise and Shined, a buck for a laughter for a Texas woman, who adored the Chinese New Yorker Boston accent. Three cheered for I hoper and their sense of humor.


Every girl lived their dream.

In every girl dreamed of their moment.

If she dreamed being fulfilled she’s her cream.

Nicole, Carol, if there’s an heiress at your request?

Someday, Nicole crowned as your royal heiress, meet her quest.

I could not offer you worldly riches.

If you give me a moment in time a princess will be crowned.

As a child remember packing your goodies.

At sundown your dresses became sprinkling grown.

Knight over pawn to defend your honor.

Castle over rook to safe guard your door.

Queen over bishop defending her majesty.

Pawn over pawn guarding your amnesty.

Knight over pawn, bishop over rook, Queen over rook, Queen defend King, Queen checked king.

If there is a girl as lovely, as beautiful, as Nicole for today her handsome Knight dressed in golden emerald, shining armor ready to kiss Nicki.

For today a castle for a princess.

By Uncle Johnny


For those who don’t know, at the age of six I was a missionary son.

Born in an unknown land, in an unknown countries, in an unknown people.

A simple story of my dad, a missionary pilot, left the comfort of America.

His desired to win lost soul for Christ.

He was a Champion for Christ.

He never won an Oscar, a Grammy award, never participated in a ticket day parade, yet preaching the

Gospel was his greatest joy.

Didn’t knew when his next meal, didn’t knew where his next financial support would be here or not.

Jesus told him "seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you.

One day, my mom told me the sad news, "daddy is not coming home, you see Steve, God loves him so much

is time for him to be in paradise.

As I returned to the Amazon, I glanced up toward heaven, there my dad Nat Saint and Jesus said to him

"well done, good faithful servant, you had won the race, you had fought the good fight, I’ll give you a crown

Of life."

This is the story of his dad, Nat Saint, a Champion for Christ.

By Johnny Wong


At the age of 6 I was a coal miner’s son.

I was born on a coal miner story.

Dirt mines, flit mine, copper mine.

Wishing it could be gold mine.

Unfortunately John and Jerry dad was not born with a sliver spoon.

Deteriorated, their boys were not without hope.

Day and night they proudly waited to see dad arrival.

Coming home from the coal mine he sang the blue.

His dad did not want his boys to follow his shadow.

Someday, somewhere in times knew his sons struck oil.

A day rhyme when they hit the big bucks.

He brought a song from the coal mine.

Days were not short, every precious moment were cherish.

As I imaged boarding the train to the cold mine, their to greet me was my dad a man full

Of wisdom. BY Johnny Wong

Lyrics taken from Tom Jones Green Green Glass of Home.


Noon time, tea time, break time, the filthy Brit from Britain,

Cannot start the day without that cup of tea.

Before stepping into my apartment Johnny do you have tea?

A China man should know better England stole from China.

China man and Englishman drives on common virtue.

Our friendship grew to be true.

China man and Englishman rely on tea or less no conversation.

Conversation sparks perfection with that cup of tea.

Tea time in Hong Kong and in England our best time of the day.

By three o’clock pleasure and relaxation the best hour of the day.

Monies don’t grow on tree, but true friendship fall like leaves.

England and China derive from original roots.

That joint companionship between Johnny Wong and the Tom Brown School Day

Is nothing but that crazy cup of tea?

The Filthy Brit said to the Yanks the hell with your coffee.

Without tea you cannot blossom in the state of Missouri.

The Filthy Brit and China man might be miles apart from each other.

We held photographic memories in our mind.

If your mind can match a dollar "should we have?

That cup of tea old chap."

By Johnny Wong


Written in her name.

In a world full of pain.

Comes a day of endless joy.

Words paint a picture.

Image flowed with imaginary.

Words rhymes in poetic.

A diary worth your mind.

Someday you will smile.

My diary a treasure of gold.

First page memories of yesterday.

A story written for today.

Her statement seek not fame or wealth.

Writing built on passion.

Creativity flashed in compassion.

Feeling express in sunshine.

A diary fulfill itself in time.

In his wildest dream come imagination.

Lyric echoed in perfection.

How can a diary fall for you.

Written for your generation.

Elssia might never me offer material success, gave me the greatest gift.

On this day a diary written for Elissa.

By Johnny Wong.


It is written in her name.

In a world so full of pain.

Comes a day of endless joy.

Images flowing in a dream.

Where nothing is as it seems.

A diary worth your life.

Of days without any strife.

Her diary worthy of Gold.

From her days both young and old.

Memories of yesterday.

A story written today.

Creative in compassion.

Her writing built of passion.

Feelings expressed like sunshine.

A diary of all time.

In her wildest dream come imagination.

Lyric echoed in perfection.

How can a diary fall for you.

Written for your generation.

Elssia might never offer me material success, gave me the greatest gift.

On this day a diary written for Elissa.

By Johnny Wong, revise by IRA Aaronson.


A diary written for Elissa.

Words cannot express her kindness.

A picture tells a story.

A diary holds a thousand meaning.

One day she said keep a journal.

Someday you will be surprise.

The day she open my diary.

Words, imaged flowed like heaven.

A generation born in time.

Imaginary, poetic his wondrous dream.

Creation and lyric his wildest fantasy

Details, fantasy rhyme in harmony.

A flash in time sing a story.

I fell in love in writing.

I write until no more ink left.

Melody with joy created in manuscript.

She not afraid to comfort other.

Build her life around Christ.

As we grew older her loves shines brighter.

She had given me so much.

Your birthday heaven brings endless joy.

By Johnny Wong


People gather by my side. Love to tell a story, a generation before your time. We are all born with gifts and talents. Give me a pen and piece of paper, write a tale that will make you laugh, smile and dance to the beat of Bryan Adams.

When life seems harsh, write you a song about yesterday, tomorrow and today. For we are holy, we are precious. Each day is a struggle, each day problems looks unending. When we wake up, a new beginning, some are bankers, lawyers, teachers, authors, musicians, entertainers and athletics they say good morning to you, black bird singing at the crack of dawn.

For nobody knows what tomorrow bring. If get by today, tomorrow, a new horizontal waiting for us. If I can write in honor of each individual, they can smile, laugh, dance, being a joker that what life is all about.


Johnny Wong

Lyrics taken from Elton John Spanish Harlem.


Dear Madelyn Brittany Wong. You were a precious little darling, 15 months old. You are learning to speak right now, yet not able to. Your Uncle Johnny would like to write a letter to you.

The day your mother brought you home from the hospital, if you measured in times, it seem like it only happened yesterday. You must be very tired that day. We whispered to your ear and quickly fell asleep. Go to sleep Madelyn, my dear, rest gently, peacefully and I’ll sing you a lullaby.

When your tiny eyes are tightly shut, will fall asleep, begin to dream. You will dream about yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It would turn to many wonderful things, turned into reality. While you’re resting peacefully, mommy, daddy, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins all anxious to meet you, some of the things, happen our beloved country enjoyed prosperity which it had

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