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Mindful Wellness: The Happiest Place in the World

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Mindful Wellness: The Happiest Place in the World

Автор: Carolyn Farrugia

Длина: 141 стр.1 ч


Initially employed in administration for 28 years, I decided to change careers after having surgery on my bowel. I figured, life is too short and Im not finished doing what I want to do. After further studies in Social Science I gained part time employment with TAFE NSW as a Mentor/Counsellor/Teacher for Psychiatric Disability Students; Began researching material for my business, Mindful Wellness Pty Ltd in 2011 and ran a couple of successful groups before deciding turn this into a book; I am also a Facilitator & Educator for the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program on the risks of driving under the influence; I have undergone the training and experience as a Volunteer Presenter for The Black Dog Institute raising awareness on mental illness; and working on call as a Group Therapist for a mental health private clinic in the Western Suburbs. Finally landing my full time permanent dream job Uniting Care Mental Health in Western Sydney as a Trainer/Facilitator for Mental Health Programs. I feel extremely grateful for all of my lifes opportunities, and I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.