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Lead Truly: the 33 Basics to Achieve True Leadership: The 33 Basics to Achieve True Leadership

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Lead Truly: the 33 Basics to Achieve True Leadership: The 33 Basics to Achieve True Leadership

Автор: Patrick Gogniat

Длина: 85 стр.52 мин


Leadership is a totally natural process, always has been and always will be. Leadership in fact has existed throughout human history.

The principle of leadership has been going on since the very beginning of humankind. From the early prehistoric times to the Stone age to the Bronze age to the Iron age to the Middle ages to the Industrial revolution era to the 21st century AD, humankind has evolved thanks to one major element: leadership. The Homo Sapiens species has especially developed the need, the desire and the ability to provide leadership for about the past 200000 years on Earth. Humankind has been on a odyssey, the leadership odyssey, throughout all of its history. The most important things in modern life and in history are, first of all, about leadership. Theres truly nothing new under the sun nowadays. Its so simple and so true. Its really too bad certain management theories of the 20th or 21st century AD havent even taught it.

The author is truly convinced that all real leaders in history, especially in recent history, have actually lived by precise rules, unconsciously or consciously, that have enabled them to achieve true global leadership. This book is the result of the authors life experience and research and reveals what the author truly believes are the 33 basic rules to live by on a daily basis in order for active men or women with potential, in any walk of life, to achieve true leadership in the 21st century AD and beyond.

LEAD TRULY is an innovative handbook about leadership that clearly explains the 33 basic rules one should live by on a daily basis in order to achieve true leadership in life. No other book until now has presented these main rules altogether and this unique approach or concept will hopefully allow many active men and women around the world to succeed in achieving true leadership.

LEAD TRULY is a very practical handbook on leadership, based on experience, and is literally a precious guide for anyone - whatever your level of education - who wants to achieve true leadership and succeed in any walk of life.

So lead yourself, lead others and lead organizations according to the 33 basic rules presented in LEAD TRULY and you will definitely achieve true leadership in life!

Awaken and develop the true leader in you!