The Giant Ant That Eats You Within

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The Giant Ant That Eats You Within

Автор: John Pattson

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Длина: 59 стр.50 мин


The Giant Ant that eats you within is a mode activating master piece written to wake up the giant man that lays dormant in you which as a result of fear, could not be utilized efficiently and effectively. It was fashioned to help you beat down the tentacles of fear and emerge the rightful person God wants you to be.
Consequently, it demystifies the type of fears, the causes of fears and several ways it traps man to surrender to circumstances he could just leap over without a push.
The operations of fear are what we need proper acquaintances so as to understand its gimmicks in crippling the” can” do spirit caged in us by anxiety. This book offers seventeen ways of conquering fear with instances to drive it home further.
Finally, it is a suicidal mission to confront what you cannot vanquish. This book suggested several ways you can overcome negative imaginations that clustered in your subconscious mind, building artificial barriers in your attempts to move to the next level of life.