The Superfund Manual: A Practitioner's Guide to CERCLA Litigation

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The Superfund Manual: A Practitioner's Guide to CERCLA Litigation

Автор: Peter L. Gray

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Because of the amount of money routinely at risk in CERCLA cleanups, most private parties facing Superfund liability will continue to look to the courts for resolution. Focusing on case-oriented information, this guidebook casts light on the issues that are central to current Superfund litigation. Written by an experienced attorney who specializes in this area of law, The Superfund Manual provides key summaries of the state of the law under CERCLA along with invaluable practice tips and strategies that offer deeper insights into key litigation issues under the statute. Topics include:

Government response authority under section 104 of CERCLA

Remedy selection standards and remedy selection procedures

Abatement authority under section 106

Liability issues, including causation, defenses, and types of recoverable costs


Judicial review

Organizing PRPs at multiparty sites

Litigating a federal cost recovery action

Private party actions (sections 107 and 113)

Natural resource damages

CERCLA and SARA Title III reporting requirements