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Ukraine, I Wrote About

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My mind revolves. I see the land, which is soft to touch, and the sun that can never make me blind. I hear birdsong and the burbling chatter of the Dnipro River. There is a lot to admire and a lot to dislike. Ukraine is far from an ideal country, living here can be difficult and some days simply have to be endured. It is like a mirror with two faces, one of them being too ugly. Ugliness and beauty are always in tandem, and in order to survive, Ukrainians have always sought out the beauty hiding in the darkness. Let me take a magic wand and wave it three times…

Your eyelids become heavy, you can hardly keep them open, and your vision is blurred. Suddenly you are plunged into a world that you merely had a glimpse of before, a world unfamiliar and strange to you. Now with your eyes wide open you feel attracted to it; or at least, you would like to know more about it. You inspect it from various angles, and the longer you observe, the more compelling it becomes. So why not come with me now and together we will explore this fascinating world called Ukraine. We’ll learn about its name and its traditions, its history and its present day status, its language and food, its loves and hates, from the first page to the last one, we will discover everything about Ukraine, everything you should know, my dear Reader!

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