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How To Sell Books For Profit on Amazon FBA (Bookselling Course): Proven Strategy to Make $1,000+ per month Selling Used Books on Amazon

How To Sell Books For Profit on Amazon FBA (Bookselling Course): Proven Strategy to Make $1,000+ per month Selling Used Books on Amazon

Автором Terry G Tisna

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How To Sell Books For Profit on Amazon FBA (Bookselling Course): Proven Strategy to Make $1,000+ per month Selling Used Books on Amazon

Автором Terry G Tisna

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Sep 29, 2018


This Course book is full of knowledge and information on how to start a Amazon FBA book selling business. I was personally able to make about $40,000 profit selling books on Amazon working very part time.

You can actually get started with almost no overhead costs. Each book you purchase to sell can often be picked up for less than $2.

Many books I have sold have gone for $30, $50, or sometimes even over $100. This is because many people underestimate the value of used books and don't even realize that people will pay that much for used books on Amazon. I even once flipped $1 book for $299!

Within the pasges of this book you will find much needed information and applicable tips to help learn what you need to do to start making a profit selling books on Amazon. I pretty much help nothing back in this book, and just about every tip I could think of has been layed out.

You will learn within the pages of this book:

Where to find books to sell (sourcing)
Detailed insight on what kinds of books will bring the most $
What to tools you need to pack and ship your books
Learn to increase profits and minimize losses.
Dozens of tips and insights on book selling. Many of which you won't find anywhere else
Making $1,000 or even more per month is very possible. Book selling on Amazon is awesome because it's bascially a rinse and repeat process. Once you have your system in place, you can create a steady stream of income. With the Amazon FBA program much of your book selling business can actually be passive income. Sure it's not 100% passive but it's more passive than most!

This book gives you a road map on how to do it with minimal fluff.

Sep 29, 2018

Об авторе

Terry G Tisna writes books in the realm of business. Some of the topics he writes on are side hustle business opportunities, selling on Amazon, making money online, online business tools, business strategies & concepts, as well as online marketing. He lives in Maui, Hawaii

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How To Sell Books For Profit on Amazon FBA (Bookselling Course) - Terry G Tisna



Proven Strategy to Make $1,000+ Per Month Selling Used Books on Amazon

Copyright © 2018 By Terry G Tisna All Right Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, or by any information storage and retrieval system without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of very brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.



I have personally made $40,000 profit selling books on Amazon. I was able to do this over the course of about four years very part time. I probably spent about 10

hours a week or so doing the business. This includes finding the books to sell, shipping them, and managing my inventory account on Amazon. I sold most of my books through Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA is a service where you can actually ship your products to Amazon warehouses. Amazon will then house your inventory until it sells. When someone purchases your inventory through FBA on Amazon.com, Amazon will do all the shipping for you and will also handle customer issues. This makes the business more automated then many other e-commerce or even retail store businesses. You will pay more in fees by selling your books through FBA, but it is well worth it, as long as you are selling profitable books. One thing that is important to know is that when doing FBA, Amazon charges you fees each month to store your books in their warehouse. If you are selling books that move relatively quickly this will not be a problem. Even if

you are selling slower moving books this can be okay, if you have good profit margins. Let’s say you get a used book for a dollar and sell it for $40. Even if this is a slow moving book, you will still make out with a great profit.

This leads me to one of the coolest things about selling books on Amazon, the potential ROI or return on investment. You will be finding books for $2 or even less on the average, and you then will be flipping them on Amazon for $20 or more. You can go lower to about $15 per book, but I prefer about $20 or so just to make sure that there is good profit being made. This is because you are going to be in the business of turning a great profit and not just making sales. I believe book selling should be fun, but also very profitable. You can do a ton of volume with low profit margins if you wish. But I am not into that at all and don’t recommend it.

There are actually mega sellers that are massive that sell books this way. They make a ton of sales with a little profit on many of their sales. The difference is they have the structure and logistics to do this. Even then I think it’s a tough way to do it.

What I recommend if you are someone bookselling (as an individual or with a partner) is that you start out smartly without getting in over your head. I do recommend quite a few methods to actually make money from many books the average misinformed seller may be wary to deal with.

For instance, I am hooked on selling high ranked books that seem like they don’t sell too fast. Some of these books are sellable to the right buyer at the right time. In the right circumstances the buyer often will pay a very good price for it. So don’t miss out on the chance to sell books that sometimes don’t sell quickly. If you play your cards

right, you can really make a ton of profit on these.

Merchant Fulfilled Selling

I recommend that you at times sell books from your own house or location. This is called merchant fulfilled selling. With MF Amazon selling, you ship books directly to the customer after they place an order, which is quite different than FBA. Some books are often very slow sellers, but can still make you a profit. Since the books sell very slowly, it in some cases makes more sense not to send them in to FBA. This is because slow selling books can remain in FBA warehouses for many many months, and cost you money in high storage fees.

Again, I do like selling most of my books via FBA but do want to sell every type of book that that brings in good profits on Amazon. The good news is that you can sell a certain portion of your books

merchant fulfilled, but still sell most of them on FBA. Which would keep most of your business automated. But hey, If you have no interest in shipping books to customer yourself that is understandable. You can always just do FBA.

There are a few steps that need to be repeated over and over to have a successful Amazon book selling business. It took me a while to get my system down but when I did I was able to do well for quite a few years.


If you can get your book selling system refined, working efficiently and smoothly, this is key. I will list here four main processes you will go through when selling books on Amazon. You will continue to go through these steps as long as you are selling books on Amazon. If you can

master each of them, you will have a rinse and repeat process that you can use day in day out.

The main components that you must get down in your book selling system are below:

#1 Finding Books (Sourcing)

If you are not able to find profitable books you will just not be able to make money. This is because not every book out there is profitable. Actually, most are not going to make you any money on Amazon. This is actually good news for you because you are going to be one of those people that can spot sellable books that others can’t. Other people will not able to do this for the most part, so you will be seeing what they don’t see. The hard part about book selling is that when you first start out, you don’t really have any knowledge of what you are looking for. This course actually gives a

detailed list of what kind of books to look for. That is good news for you, because you will be way ahead of the curve.

I also have given in this course a detailed list on some good places to secure books. Over many years of book

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