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URL Love: From Texting to Twitter, the Hottest Online Love Stories

URL Love: From Texting to Twitter, the Hottest Online Love Stories

Автором URL Love Contributors

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URL Love: From Texting to Twitter, the Hottest Online Love Stories

Автором URL Love Contributors

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Sep 17, 2012


From Texting to Twitter, the Hottest Online Love Stories

From texting to twitter, the Hottest Online Love Stories.

We all love a hot romance ... and what could be more relevant to the way we live now than a love story involving text messages, Facebook, online dating, emails or tweets? 'URL Love' is a collection of ten sexy, sweet and sassy stories about love in the digital age. For fans of E L James ('Fifty Shades of Grey'), Marian Keyes ('Watermelon', 'the Mystery of Mercy Close') and everyone in between!

Sep 17, 2012

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URL Love features sexy, sweet and sassy short stories from Australian authors Vanessa Barneveld, Ros Baxter, Kate Belle, Elizabeth Dunk, Therese Raft, Poppy Rheims, Melanie Saward, Pam Swain and Jacquie Underdown.

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Jacquie Underdown

Nate’s tweet possessed no sign of sexual innuendo, Sammy was 85 per cent sure of it. She minimised the annual report she had been poring over for the last six hours and opened her Twitter page again. She re-read his 140-character reply, just to make sure her 15 per cent of doubt didn’t need to be raised a few points.

Being the only accountant employed in the office had its pitfalls. The annual report was one of them. The lack of an assistant was another. When Sammy reached the point where her eyes had begun to glaze over, and each triple-checked figure on her computer monitor had multiplied itself, she innocently tweeted:

Help — will scream if I don’t get much-needed distraction from endless number-crunching.

Sammy didn’t realise her co-worker, Nate, was following her on Twitter, let alone reading her tweets. That was until he tweeted back:

Sounds like @NumbersGirl861 needs someone to help her relieve all that pent-up stress #helpoutacolleague.

As she re-read the exchange, pleasure panged deep in the pit of her stomach, despite her best efforts to reassure herself that there were no sexual connotations.

The truth was she liked Nate; had since the first day he began work here. He was gorgeous, for sure, but that wasn’t the only reason she was attracted to him. Mostly, it was his laugh. Nate had the type of laugh that was loud and unreserved, but always utterly genuine. His laugh made Sammy laugh, every single time she heard it ringing out across the main office floor to reach her in her lonely office.

Sammy double-clicked on Nate’s profile picture, forcing it to full-size on her computer screen. She studied his face and body with as much intensity as she’d reviewed the annual report only moments before.

He was younger than her, yes, by four or five years, but his imposing stature took care of any worries that this age disparity may have caused her. Under the white business shirt and tie, she knew he was hiding an impeccably muscled body. She knew because she’d sneaked a peak at the last office team-building day, when he’d worn a snug shirt and board shorts. As he’d carried heavy ropes and tyres, she couldn’t help but notice his biceps, large and protruding, and his broad shoulders, as well as the outline of his generous chest.

In this profile picture, Nate’s dark-brown hair was cut short, but it had grown out since then, hanging in loose curls around his ears and forehead. His caramel-brown eyes seemed to burn into her from the monitor. He had caught her, numerous times, staring at those eyes; from across the room at board meetings or during morning teas for co-workers’ birthdays. On all occasions, Sammy would flush the moment he glimpsed her dreamy gaze and hastily avert her eyes.

But it was hard for Sammy to keep her eyes off Nate, especially when he smiled and dimples formed on either side of his delicious mouth; the combination made her think unspeakable things about him.

Nate sensed her interest in him, she was sure of it. But until now, he had remained an impartial object of her fascination.

Sammy shook her head and drew in a deep breath. Settle down, Sammy, she said to herself. You are thirty years old. He’s merely trying to stroke your ego.

She peered at the tweets again and chewed on her bottom lip. Before she could register what was happening, her fingers were floating above the keyboard, ready to type a reply. She prepared a tweet that would test his…intentions.

What methods did you have in mind @NateJenkins99 to #helpoutacolleague?

Sammy laughed at her brazenness and held her breath until his reply came through.

@NumbersGirl861 Deep breathing, stretches at your desk, rigorous fingers at your neck.

Sammy wrinkled her nose. If she looked closely, she could find ambiguity — it was certainly not definitive. She huffed. Who am I kidding?

Sammy minimised Twitter and maximised the annual report again. The computer’s clock read 3pm, which meant she had two hours to review twenty pages of financial statements and their notes, and no time to stupidly waste wondering if her much younger office crush had an interest in her.

Surely she would be nothing more than the resident accountant in his eyes? Sammy was beautiful in a stylish, high ponytail, thick-rimmed-glasses kind of way, but hardly ever avoided being stereotyped by many as a boring intellectual who got her kicks from finding the latest loophole in tax legislation.

Rows of expenditure figures rolled down the screen. Sammy rapidly cross-checked each number to the hard copy she had on her desk, while grinding her teeth, much too hard, on the tip of her pen. When the whoosh sounded on her computer, alerting her that an email had come through, she flinched. A tiny version of the email materialised in the bottom corner of her screen. It was from Nate — subject line: Stress relief tips for Sammy.

Sammy smiled, wet her bottom lip with her tongue and clicked open the email.

It’s not really my thing to flirt on such a public platform like Twitter. You never know who is listening. Email is much more intimate. Wouldn’t you agree?

Again that pleasurable sensation pulsed in her belly. Nate had literally spelled it out that he was flirting with her. But why now? They had worked together for six months and not once had he given her any indication he was interested in a little digital intercourse. They had exchanged many professional emails and a few funny online jokes, but always on a platonic playing ground.

She began her reply, ignoring her doubts and relying on intuition to guide her words.

I agree, it can be more intimate, if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Sammy crossed her legs, flicked off her high heels and waited for his response. It didn’t take long.

It’s what I’m aiming for, among other things…

Her heart thrummed faster as she typed a reply.

You’ve intrigued me.

As you have intrigued me. For so long now.

Sammy felt the breath in her throat escape her. She typed: I had no idea.

That’s what I like about you, Sammy. You’re so beautiful, yet utterly unassuming. I want to know the woman behind that professional facade of yours and intimately see that body you’re rocking under that dress.

Sammy rolled her chair back from her desk and stared at the computer screen, mouth gaping. Was this really happening? Her fingers fluttered over the keys, hasty clicks bouncing off the confining office walls.

Nate, you know you are distracting me from some very urgent reports?

You wanted a distraction. And besides, you can always work back late.

Is that so?

I could join you. Lend you a hand. That office of yours has a lock, doesn’t it?

Biting back a shriek, unable to stop the smile forming on her lips, she quickly typed a reply. A conclusive reply, so there were no doubts to be had by either of them.

My door does have a lock. You know where to find me.

The minutes passed like long, languid hours. Sammy tried her hardest to concentrate on her work. Work she did actually care a lot about and was urgently required to finish. But she couldn’t stop her mind becoming awash with thoughts of Nate, nor her body beating pleasurably when she frequently entertained such thoughts.

How far was he going to take things once he stepped into her small office and locked the door behind him? But more importantly, how would she be able to control herself when she was standing only centimetres away from the eyes that aroused the wickedest corners of her imagination?

Tightness suddenly formed in

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    A couple of weeks ago I read and reviewed Corrupted Classics, part of Harper Collins Australia 'Project Flash Pub'. Harper Collins staff were separated into teams, given a small budget and asked to produce an original digital publication or product to release into the market to gain first hand experience in digital publishing. Each team was asked to create, research, cost and produce their product with the winning team determined by who generates the most revenue for the business.URL Love is the second project released, a collection of ten short stories exploring lust, love and romance in the digital age. From sweet and funny to racy and hot these are glimpses into modern day relationships encouraged by twitter, Facebook, email and text messaging.The first story, Digital Intercourse by Jaquie Underdown, involves colleagues flirting via twitter and inter office messaging which leads to a steamy encounter in a locked office and is sure to get you in the right frame of mind to enjoy the collection.The best line comes from Blast From the Past by Ros Baxter as thirty something year old Ivy, recently abandoned by her husband who her accused her of becoming 'small', nervously decides to join Facebook. "Well bugger him and the whore he rode out on", she thinks as she sets up her profile and discovers the fire still burning for an old flame.In M@tchmaker, Rose Smith discovers its a small world after all when after drunkenly searching for the hot stranger that lives in her building it turns out he was only a tweet away. The author, Melanie Seward, admits she in fact has a crush on anonymous man in her building, though she is yet to start knocking on doors.In fact many of he authors admit there is a kernel of truth in their contributions to the compilation including Vanessa Barneveld (The Tweetest Thing) and Therese Raft (Unexpected Connections).Whether you are looking for love (or it is snoring next to you) URL Love is an entertaining read. Easy to devour in one sitting, or pick up and put down as the mood strikes, treat yourself with this sassy, sexy collection of stories.