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Miss Power's Great Spanish Adventure: Great Spanish Adventure, #1
Miss Power's Great Spanish Adventure: Great Spanish Adventure, #1
Miss Power's Great Spanish Adventure: Great Spanish Adventure, #1
Электронная книга169 страниц2 часа

Miss Power's Great Spanish Adventure: Great Spanish Adventure, #1

Автор Janette Davies

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When Carole Power agreed to give up her job as a teacher in a large Midlands Comprehensive School, in order to work in a bar in Southern Spain, little did she realise what she was letting herself in for.
It isn't long before she dumps, Lyle, her two-timing boyfriend, gives in her notice at the bar run by his hen-pecked brother, Ben, and dippy sister in-law, Angi, and finds herself in desperate need of a job.
When, Guillermo, a mysterious Spanish neighbour gets himself in a spot of bother, Carole, and new friend, Sarah-Jane, rush to the rescue: this is only the beginning of Carole's great Spanish adventure!

ИздательJanette Davies
Дата выпуска27 сент. 2018 г.
Miss Power's Great Spanish Adventure: Great Spanish Adventure, #1
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Janette Davies

A British Brummie by birth, Janette now lives in Almeria, Spain, with husband, Colin, where they are currently renovating a village house. To date she has written two novels set in Southern Spain, a Self Help Book and has also contributed to various anthologies. She is still trying to grow her own bottle of wine. Website: https://janettedavieswriter.wixsite.com/website-1

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    Miss Power's Great Spanish Adventure - Janette Davies

    Sarah-Jane and Mark

    Welcome to Paradise, Mrs. Cressidge, said Mark, before flexing his muscles, scooping her up and opening the door. She started giggling as he carried her across the threshold and gasped as he kicked the door closed with his heel.

    Putting her down, and after performing an ‘exhausted’ mime, he planted a quick kiss on her lips and went back to fetch the suitcases. Returning, he opened the bedroom door and placed the cases next to the wardrobe. Last into bed’s a socialist. Hurry up!

    Mark, what about the unpacking?

    That can wait – I can’t. Come here!

    Sarah-Jane sat propped up on the pillows, her green eyes sparkling: turning to Mark she sighed and said, "I think we’re going to be really happy here. Our Apartamento Paraiso, is aptly named, don’t you think?"

    Yes, I do. I just hope you will be okay on your own when I go back to work, he said, idly playing with a strand of her auburn hair.

    I’m going to be fine. The area seems nice and quiet – can’t see anything earth-shattering happening around here, can you? We’ll soon make lots of friends, you’ll see. I’m sure all the apartments in this block are now occupied, so there will be people around all the time.

    Yes, you’re probably right – just me being paranoid about leaving my new, gorgeous, wife. Just watch out for sex starved Spaniards!

    No problema, Señor"

    He reached over and kissed the top of her head, and resting his elbow on the pillow, looked at her and said: Seriously, Sarah-Jane, I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get here but I hope you think the wait’s been worth it. I really do love you. Mark pulled her towards him and hugged her.

    Yes, I know you do and yes, the wait has been worth it. We’ve just got to convince all those stupid kids of ours! She laughed and added Fat chance of that happening though.

    Well, forget the kids and anything else in wintery England. Don’t move - stay there - I’ve got something for you, Mark said with a laugh.

    Oh no! Not again Mark, I’m exhausted!

    You should be so lucky, Mrs. C. I’m off to get us a drink.

    Mark returned about fifteen minutes later carrying a tray with a bottle of cava, two glasses and a platter of smoked salmon and scrambled egg on croissants. Sarah-Jane’s eyes widened in amazement when she saw the tray. Mark laughed Sorry I’ve been so long, but I had to cook the eggs!

    It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, where on earth did this come from?

    I greased the palm of a native, and hey presto! a buffet fit for a newly married couple, appeared in the fridge!! Well, actually, you know when I had to go away unexpectedly to Bristol last week? I didn’t go to Bristol, I came out here and organised it with the young couple upstairs; the ones who run Benji’s Bar.I told them we were getting married and they were delighted to help, so I gave them a key. Also, when you get up, have a look in the lounge, you’ll find a big surprise there.

    A surprise? Tell me Mark, what it is?

    It won’t be a surprise if I tell you, will it? No, you’ll have to go and see for yourself – after we’ve eaten our feast and drunk the cava.

    Sarah-Jane slid out of bed, tying her new spearmint green silk dressing gown tightly around her slim body .She ruffled Mark’s hair, gathered up the glasses and crockery onto the tray and deposited them in the kitchen. Walking into the lounge, she saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers, with a card saying they were from Ben and Angi, together with a box of her favourite liqueur chocolates from the other young couple, Carole and Lyle, who worked with them in the restaurant. Mark put his arm around her and gently kissed her neck. Well?

    Wow, how lovely!I bet they were surprised that a couple of old crocks like us had only just got married.

    Speak for yourself. I’m only 52...er...ish. Anyway, I told them I’d been chasing you for years and I’d only just caught you.

    52!! Funny that, I’m 48 and you’re ten years older than me. Hmm,  seems like 20 years though, doesn’t it?

    Yup it does, even though it’s only ten. Don’t you worry yourself, S-J, there’s life in the old dog yet. There might be a bit of snow on the mountain, but the valley’s still fertile!

    The next morning at breakfast, Sarah-Jane suggested to Mark that they should ask Ben and Angi, together with the other young couple, down for a drink to say thank you for their kindness and gifts. Mark agreed and said he would pop into their bar later and ask them to come for tapas when they next had time off.

    On the evening of the following Monday, the two couples came down for a get-together with the newlyweds.

    Come on in and sit down, said their host. Shall we start with a bottle of Cava?

    MMmm,  lovely, Angi laughed and after licking her lips, she adjusted her mini-skirt an inch higher and added, It’s my favourite.

    Anything alcoholic is my sister-in law’s favourite, said Lyle, winking at Mark. At that moment, Sarah-Jane came in from the kitchen. Angi took in every detail of the hostess’s appearance, from her immaculate auburn hair to her strappy, silver sandals.

    Hello everyone.I’ve just popped some nibbles in the oven, they won’t take long.

    They all raised their glasses and said, Cheers.

    Sarah-Jane put her glass down saying, Won’t be a minute

    Carole quickly jumped up making all the gold charms on her bracelet jangle - I’ll help you carry something in - and followed her into the kitchen. They returned a few moments later with two big platters of mixed tapas and put them on the coffee table.

    Help yourselves, said Mark, handing everyone a plate and serviette. We just wanted to say 'Thank You' for being so kind.

    Yes, added Sarah–Jane, "The flowers are lovely and chocolates were delicious." Mark poured more drinks and Sarah-Jane handed more tapas to her guests.

    Have another serviette Carole; you don’t want to get any marks on that lovely white dress. Did you buy it here?

    Before she had time to answer, Angi said, We get all our stuff from the markets, don’t we Carole? They are amazing – not like the markets in Bru..er...Birmingham.I got this skirt and top, plus my ear-rings for ten euros last Saturday. They’ve got them in all colours, not just orange and purple. She jumped up and pulling her top even further down, did a twirl.

    Well, you certainly er..bought quite a bargain, there. I’ll have to go and check them out myself.

    Ben glared at Angi and turning to Mark, asked, Are you living here permanently, or going back to the U.K?

    Unfortunately, I’ve got a few more years to go before I retire. Sarah-Jane’s finished work now and she’s staying here, but I’ll be coming back every couple of weeks or so.

    What do you do? enquired Angi, reaching across the table and grabbing the bottle.

    I’m a Doctor – at the Q.E. in Birmingham – not a GP. Mark replied.

    Angi’s eyes widened, Gosh. Were you there as well, Sarah-Jane? Were you a nurse?

    Sarah-Jane took a sip of wine and said, Yes, I was at the same hospital, but I wasn’t a nurse, I was in ...

    Don’t tell me – admin! You were in admin, weren’t you? interrupted Angi, smiling, All those dishy doctors giving you reports and things to type, eh? Bet you had a great time when you were younger. Oh! I don’t mean you are old, I just meant..er..

    Ben looked at his wife in exasperation and said, Do shut up, Angi and have another drink!

    They all laughed and Carole asked Mark when he would be going back. I’ve got another two weeks off and then I’ll be back at the end of the month. We’re going to try to get a car this week, so Sarah-Jane can get out and about and do the apartment as she wants it.

    Right. If you want to know where all the best stores are, Sarah-Jane, I’ll show you.

    She thanked Carole: I’d really appreciate that. The furniture in this room is okay for the moment, but I really need to get bedroom furniture for the two spare rooms. Sarah-Jane responded, adding What about my hair though?

    Oh! You want go to ‘Spanish Beauty’ when you want your highlights and eyebrows doing again, said Angi, then in a theatrical whisper They’re also really good for doing ..you know..er..your bits and things – I’ll take you.

    Mark looked at Ben and Lyle and winked – What bits and things?

    Don’t encourage her, Mark. My wife can be so dippy at times. Come on Angi – think you’ve had enough for tonight. Standing up, he continued, Thanks for everything – good to meet you both. Perhaps you’ll come and have a drink with us in ‘Benji’s’ next week."

    Love to, thanks.

    Well, what do you think of our neighbours?asked Mark, when they had gone.

    I liked Carole, but I wasn’t keen on the other three, his wife replied. Carole and Lyle are a strange couple – can’t imagine what she sees in him, can you? She seems really intelligent but he seems, well, ..er...a bit thick, for want of a better word. For some reason, I wouldn’t trust Angi and Ben as far as I could throw them, continued Sarah-Jane, Would you? I think they are trying to be something there’re not.

    Mark hesitated for a moment, then, taking Sarah-Jane’s hand replied. No. I think you’re right in what you say. I suspect there is a bit of history with that family! I’m not absolutely sure, but I think Lyle may be taking drugs. I couldn’t see his eyes properly because he never seemed to look directly at me when he spoke, but I’m pretty sure he’s on something.

    God! Do you think the others are as well? Sarah-Jane gasped. I don’t think Carole can be because I got a good look at her in the kitchen. I thought she had beautiful eyes – typical ‘English Rose’ complexion – just like Princess Diana – you know, blue eyed blonde.

    Yes, she is a pretty young lady; she’ll have to watch her skin when the sun gets stronger. I don’t think she’s taking anything – not hard drugs anyway. I don’t think Angi is either.I think she’s been under a cosmetic surgeon’s knife a few times, though. Probably been under quite a lot of things by the look of her! Busty blondes are definitely not my type – give me a leggy, green-eyed redhead any day! He slipped his arms round her waist and his hands started to undo the buttons on her blouse – Anyway, more than a handful’s too much!

    Come on, Doctor Cressidge, that’s enough ‘medi-talk’ for tonight. Bed!!

    Is that an offer I can’t refuse?


    Two weeks later, as Sarah-Jane walked away from the parked car, she heard someone calling her name. Turning around, she saw Carole walking towards her carrying a stick of bread.

    Hi! Has Mark gone back?

    Sarah-Jane smiled, Yes, he’s booked on the first plane out. He doesn’t like me to wait ’til it’s taken off, so I’ve left him in the departure lounge. Gosh, that bread smells good, where’d you get it from at this time in the morning?

    Didn’t you know, there’s a little bread shop around the corner? An English girl called Louise Johnson runs it. She bakes all sorts of bread and she’s open at 7 o’clock every morning. Do you want to share this? I never eat all of it and Lyle doesn’t get up ’til ten minutes before we start work – says he can’t eat breakfast. I’ve always got up early: I think it’s such a waste of the day to lie in bed!

    Sarah-Jane nodded in agreement. Well, it looks and smells delicious. Tell you what – why don’t you come in with me and we’ll have breakfast together on the balcony? I’ll put the coffee pot on.

    D’you know what? That sounds like an excellent idea.

    After they had finished their breakfast, Sarah-Jane made more coffee. "Isn’t it great to be able

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