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Saudi Businesswomen: Personal Characteristics, Achievements, and Challenges Ahead

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Saudi Businesswomen: Personal Characteristics, Achievements, and Challenges Ahead

Длина: 89 стр.1 ч


This research looks into some of the personal characteristics of 32 Saudi businesswomen based in Riyadh and Kharj. The research also investigates the challenges they faced when they started up their business, the social and cultural challenges and the problems of access to capital they had to cope with. All in all, the study has revealed a nucleus of Saudi businesswomen who are self-confident and prepared to take business risks much the same as their male counterparts. It is beyond doubt that these businesswomen still face gender-specific challenges posed by the government’s regulations on business start-ups. Symbolic government restrictions on travel abroad are still there in line with Sharia principles. But government ban on driving is now a thing of the past and more Saudi women are taking to the streets. In view of the promotion policies of the government, women pressure groups and activists, the number and the scope of economic activities of businesswomen is now growing rapidly. Family support and society’s positive attitudes to women going into business have been a great asset in all this. With government emphasis on future role of women in economic and social development of the country in line with Vision 2030, Saudi businesswomen will certainly face the few remaining challenges in future.