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Pretty Bird

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Pretty Bird

Автор: Lenka Stolar

Длина: 86 стр.1 ч


A story of love and reconciliation. Simply told as a fable, "Pretty Bird" is complex and enlightening for adult and young readers alike. When Bird witnesses the unfortunate disappearance of her mother and death of her sister from their nest, she finds her courage to go out into the forest on her own without the ability to fly. She meets new fascinating friends. Dog is a brave domestic Dog that now lives in the forest and Squirrel is an excitable friend that is forever loyal to Pretty Bird. Bird, Squirrel and Dog show us our most elemental natures as their story is told. Love, friendship, fears and triumphs are shared between unique quirky characters as they discover adventure and loyalty while realizing the risk and hurt that can come with love. Beautifully detailed in its description of the natural world, "Pretty Bird" powerfully evokes the relationship we all hold with our earth, our hearts, and our potential.
Lenka Stolar has worked in the arts for 20 years as an actor in theater, film and television, She has written articles, plays, poetry and short stories. Among multiple businesses’ she has owned, she had a print publication and small production company in theater. She currently lives in Victoria, on Vancouver Island Canada with her own dog, sister cats and a bunch of kids.