Confiscation Blues

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Confiscation Blues

Автор: Darryl Hicks

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Длина: 315 стр.4 ч


Eric has the confiscation blues.

Eric left the protective cocoon of Colorado and a neighboring state confiscated his car. They said he smuggled weed, but the evidence was planted.

Dirty feds served a warrant on Eric's Denver apartment and all of his electronic devices were confiscated. They said Eric's electronic devices were purchased with money from an illegal enterprise, but his only illegal enterprise was streaming bootleg movies from Aquarium. Hey, lock him up for that, he's clearly a bad person.

Eric loses his Denver job, due to testing positive for weed. What's up with that, it's Colorado, eh?

Eric moves to western Colorado, new job, different problems. Eric is a common man, he just wants happiness and yummy chocolate doughnuts. Too bad the gun dealers are trying to kill him.

Apologies for graphic depictions of alcohol usage, in the book. Beer, wine, and (gasp!) hard liquor are all consumed, sometimes in copious quantities. The stigma is worn with shame, polite society doesn't condone alcohol consuming fiction characters. Demon alcohol, ugh, what a horrible drug!

Ok, maybe a tad sarcastic, there.

The book is a humorous mystery, set in a weed-legal state. Eric is a weekend warrior weed user. If Eric was a weekend warrior alcohol user, there would be no stigma attached. The book tries to depict realistic weed-oriented situations. There will be descriptions of weed consumption in this book, but hopefully you will set aside your inhibitions and enjoy the book.

The book needs an underlying weed-oriented backdrop. But, the book is deeper than the weed. There's actually a really good story, here. A lot of work went into delivering the best story possible.

Many things are interwoven, such that anything may turn out to be a plot twist. For example, just when you thought the story was done with the primary dirty fed, he turns up again, later in the book. Would love to tell you more plot twists, but sorry, no can do, don't want to ruin it for you.

Confiscation Blues addresses the following weed-oriented issues:
Young males driving out of weed-legal states are targets for law enforcement weed searches in neighboring states.
Asset forfeiture laws confiscate assets based on the arrest/indictment and the assets remain confiscated, even if the accused is later found 'not guilty'.
People are losing their jobs for weed usage, even in states where recreational weed is legal.
The standard urine drug test reacts positive to weed residue that stays in the body for up to two weeks after weed usage. This does not prove the tested person was intoxicated when the test was taken.
There was a time limit on the Obama-era law forbidding the federal Justice department from prosecuting weed dispensaries and the time limit has expired.
Nebraska and Oklahoma sued Colorado for having the audacity to legalize weed.
What is the recommended amount of weed for a batch of weed brownies?
Buddy bud buyer. Want more than an ounce? Bring a buddy to buy more bud.
Weed math. As your ounce bag dwindles to half, quarter, and eighth of an ounce, how many grams is that? Do the math, get some use out of your college education.
Insurance companies are canceling the insurance of people with medical weed cards. For example, if a parent uses a medical weed card to obtain Charlotte's Web to treat seizures of an epileptic child, the insurance company can cancel the insurance policy, since the parent is performing medical procedures that aren't approved by the AMA. This cynical cancel chicanery would absolve the insurance company from the responsibility of paying for treatment of the epileptic child, in the example discussed.
If the Trump tax cut depletes the federal treasury significantly, the federal government may be forced to legalize weed to make up for the money shortfall. Ironically, the Trump tax cut might be bringing the federal government closer to legal weed.