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Reversing Racism

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Reversing Racism

Автор: Uche Ekezie

Длина: 170 стр.2 ч


This book is written to tackle what in recent times has become a significant issue when equity in multiracial settings is being discussed, especially as globalization continues to encourage diversity and inclusion around the world. It begins, like most books on the subject, by giving the reader a view of the different expressions of racism; and as the reader progresses, the book provides suggestions on what victims of racism can do collectively on their part to proactively reverse circumstances that invite racism. The book’s intent is not to exacerbate racial tensions; instead it is a call to positive action that can roll back the symptoms which perpetuate racism with an action plan that aims to reduce its manifestations in society. It is a gathering of the authors thoughts on what minorities in the West and people of African descent, as the main victims of racism can do to subtly address the traits that encourage racists’ behavior. In writing this book the author hopes to galvanize readers into undoing the social structures that ensure people of color remain economically and socially disadvantaged and thus easy prey for racists. It is of course based on his personal experiences and thoughts on the subject; hence, there might be points with which some readers may differ in opinion. To better appreciate what these experiences are, the book begins with a little background on the author, before delving into the subject matter in the subsequent chapters. The author has made the book as condensed as possible by not overelaborating the points raised. It is a light read, with language simple and easy for the lay as well as the scholarly to understand. This way every kind of reader can appreciate it, even those who do not like voluminous books can get through it in a day or two. So, please go ahead and enjoy this brave foray into the sensitive subject of racism.