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Manitas De Tortura

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Manitas De Tortura

Автор: Frankie Lassut

Длина: 59 стр.49 мин


Manitas De Tortura means, in case you don’t know; Hands of Torture.
It is about methods of torture they use in Spain when they capture British tourists who don’t flush when they use the loo in the hotel where they’re staying.
Actually, it’s about guitars. Steel string guitars; wire fences; as they were once described by a famous guitarist from Spain. In the old hit ‘The Devil went down to Georgia’, she played a violin, but if she’d played a steel string guitar the world would have been in real trouble.
It is about a secret organisation, or to be more exact, a branch of a secret organisation. They’re called the Torturosi and use criminally bad steel string guitarists to ...
I can’t tell you any more or I might be tortured by the Harmonicinati. The Harmonicinati are a branch of the Illumin ... I can’t say anymore! Basically, because I don’t want to disappear without trace because I’ve got bills to pay; never mind the mortgage. The house needs hoovering, there’s some washing up. You can read all about the fantastic thing about household chores in: For my Own Selfish Reasons