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Dirty Doctors

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Dirty Doctors

Автор: John Fleer

Длина: 163 стр.2 ч


For a psychotherapist, there is almost nothing more damaging to reputation and career than a claim of sexual misconduct with a patient. You are a lawyer who represents these endangered mental health professionals. Unfortunately, you are no better than anyone else at distinguishing the innocent from the guilty. You also have your own problems of maintaining professional boundaries and managing your addictions. DIRTY DOCTORS chronicles the trial of a dead psychiatrist whose estate is being sued for damages by a former patient, Lois Sutcliffe. Ms. Sutcliffe claims to have been the victim of the doctor's sexual misconduct over many years. You attempt to reconstruct the dead doctor's practice and come to wholeheartedly defend him before a judge and jury. Is your judgment impaired by the fact that you are attracted to the doctor's widow? This book is a cautionary tale for those who seek easy answers to allegations of sexual misconduct by people in positions of power and trust. Ultimately, the truth is often difficult — if not impossible — to find. If you read only one novel this year, for God's sake, don't let it be this one.