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New Year New You
New Year New You
New Year New You
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New Year New You

Автор Janette Davies

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10 Point Plan to create a New You in the New Year.

This is not just another diet, it is a personal plan for a healthier and happier new lifestyle. A change of approach to life, with no more Yo-Yo dieting!

ИздательJanette Davies
Дата выпуска1 янв. 2019 г.
New Year New You
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Janette Davies

Janette Davies (1950-2019) was a social and medical anthropologist at the International Gender Studies Centre, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. Formerly a nurse/midwife she worked in international development in Bolivia, on the Thai/Cambodian border and Bangladesh. She conducted anthropological fieldwork in the UK, Zambia, Tanzania and Georgia.

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    New Year New You - Janette Davies


    This book expresses the personal thoughts of the author and is for information only.

    The author is not a medical doctor, professional health advisor or any other professional advisor.

    All decisions made by readers of this book to change their lifestyle, are the decisions of the readers. All participants are advised to consult their doctor or medical advisor before commencing this healthy lifestyle programme and embarking on new nutrition and exercise patterns.

    There are no guarantees and the author is not responsible for results arising from participating in the healthy lifestyle plan.

    About the Plan

    This is not just another diet!!

    I have to emphasise right from the beginning the fact that this programme is NOT just another diet. It is a whole new healthy lifestyle based around the popular Mediterranean Diet.

    I am lucky to be living in southern Spain and, therefore, am able to take full advantage of all the wonderful fresh foods on offer.

    All my fruit and vegetables are purchased from local markets and have travelled only a short distance thereby ensuring they are all in tip top fresh condition.

    However, I am sure that wherever you live there are local markets – browse around and find the ones selling the freshest best quality foods you can.

    I always buy seasonal produce. For one thing –

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