Wisdom for Mothers: A Mother with a Vision

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Wisdom for Mothers: A Mother with a Vision

Автор: Gloria Boakye

Длина: 90 стр.1 ч


Mothering is a sacrifice that demands one’s life! In attempting to be an effective mother, one needs to be intentional about strategising well to fulfil this sacred and honourable calling. Practical mothering is, however, not a permanent state, so it is essential for one to prepare and be ready to step into the other areas of one’s calling when the time comes. Wisdom for Mothers is a God-inspired book from a mother who wants to encourage other mothers to be their very best in their parenting and also to be ready and well-equipped for all the other callings God has ordained them for.

Many mothers have fallen into the trap of non-achievement because they were not prepared for their next assignment after their children were grown up and didn’t need their active contributions. Unfortunately, situations like this have led to despondency, regrets, and disappointments in the life of the mothers concerned. However, with proper planning and preparation, the story can be different. Wisdom for mothers will show you how to balance being a mother and, at the same time, invest in yourself for the next phase. You will learn principles, disciplines, and be inspired to be your very best in all your endeavors without compromising on the most important things of life.