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Don't Give Up: Faith That Gives You the Confidence to Keep Believing and the Courage to Keep Going
Don't Give Up: Faith That Gives You the Confidence to Keep Believing and the Courage to Keep Going
Don't Give Up: Faith That Gives You the Confidence to Keep Believing and the Courage to Keep Going
Электронная книга242 страницы4 часа

Don't Give Up: Faith That Gives You the Confidence to Keep Believing and the Courage to Keep Going

Автор Kyle Idleman

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The parent with the wayward child. The couple whose marriage is in jeopardy. The man who is out of work. The woman stuck in crushing debt. The patient with a bad diagnosis. The student who can't get a fair shake. People hanging by a thread, losing faith and short on strength. What do they all need to hear?

Don't give up.

Our lives are minefields of challenges that take their toll on our courage, our conviction, and even our faith. But God whispers to the weary, Don't give up. Drawing from inspiring biblical stories and first-person testimonies of perseverance, bestselling author and pastor Kyle Idleman encourages readers to cast their concerns on God, trust in his love and timing, pray for patience and strength, and seek out support in the family of God.
ИздательBaker Publishing Group
Дата выпуска5 мар. 2019 г.
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Kyle Idleman

Kyle Idleman is the senior pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, one of the largest churches in America. On a normal weekend, he speaks to more than twenty-five thousand people spread across eleven campuses. More than anything else, Kyle enjoys unearthing the teachings of Jesus and making them relevant in people’s lives. He is a frequent speaker for national conventions and influential churches across the country. Kyle and his wife, DesiRae, have been married for over twenty-five years. They have four children, two sons-in-law, and recently welcomed their first grandchild. They live on a farm in Kentucky.

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    Don't Give Up - Kyle Idleman

    "In Don’t Give Up, Kyle Idleman gives us encouragement to keep believing, keep fighting, and keep perspective. If you need to find your courage and strength in the midst of life’s challenges, this book is for you."

    Dr. Kevin Leman, New York Times bestselling author of Have a New Kid by Friday and The Birth Order Book

    "We’ve all faced moments in life (far too many) when we’re tempted to stand down, give up, walk away. Yet Kyle Idleman heralds a powerful and personal call that the grip of grace never lets go—and neither should we. No. Matter. What. Fusing treasured insight with practical advice, Don’t Give Up is a message we all need. Within these pages, you’ll find what you need to stand tall, push forward, and experience the breakthrough God has for you."

    Margaret Feinberg, author of Taste and See: An Aspiring Foodie’s Search for God among Butchers, Bakers, and Fresh Food Makers

    "As a Super Bowl–winning coach, NASCAR champion–owner, husband, father, leader, and average Joe, I have learned to dig deep, fight hard, and never give up. Read Kyle Idleman’s Don’t Give Up and find what it means to gain the God-given confidence and courage to keep going and finish strong."

    Joe Gibbs, author of Game Plan for Life

    I once ran a marathon that had no crowd. No one cheering—until one guy, when I had about a mile to go, standing on a corner who said, ‘Looking good, man! Keep going! You’re almost there!’ It meant the world to me. This book is that guy, all over again. I needed this. We all need this. Thank you, Kyle, for being real . . . and really, deeply encouraging.

    Brant Hansen, author of Unoffendable and Blessed Are the Misfits

    "In Don’t Give Up, Kyle Idleman will teach you to listen to the crowd, throw off all that hinders, and run the race God has marked out for you. You will go forward with the courage to keep going no matter what comes your way."

    Tamika Catchings, auth