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Get Your Ex Back: Fast and Effective Ways to Rekindle the Flame

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Get Your Ex Back: Fast and Effective Ways to Rekindle the Flame

Автор: Miranda Bunn

Длина: 133 стр.1 ч


Several stories, theories, and experiences help you get your ex back! 
Of course you can get your ex back. It happens all around you that people get back into the relationship and live happily ever after. But this time, you are going to learn from your mistakes; you are going to play it smart. 
In this book, I will refer a little to my own story as well as established methods and strategies (not what you think) that have worked for numerous people who wanted to rekindle the flame in their previous lover or partner. Everybody is special in their own way, but there are evident things you need to keep in mind if you want to have your ex fall in love with you all over again, even better than before.
You’ll learn, among others: Ways to analyze what went wrong, why the breakup happened, and what to do Valuable tips of playing it right this time Sly and refined tactics to spark your ex’s interest again The facts about making it happen in the long run, with examples of dos and don’ts Thoughts about timing and the long talk you must have Tips on what to say and what not to say if you want to make an impression. And many good advice by someone who married her ex and leads a happy life How men and women are different, and what pulls together or drives us apart The difference between hard to get and hard to want A healthy balance between contacting and keeping your distance Ways to regain your confidence and become even more attractive to your ex than before The hidden secrets so many men and women overlook when it comes to attracting the other sex Tips on phone calls, dates, pretending to be busy, and conversation techniques Discover what you can do to get your girlfriend back. Read about what aids your husband cross the line and get back into your territory. Become knowledgeable about surprising her, or talking through your problems. Know what to evade when you talk to your ex or show specific behavior. Consider the reasons why you want your ex back. Learn which signs are suggestions that your ex wants you back, too. Consider the best motives and whether or not you are compatible or not.
Do you want to know about all the other valuable information you’ll receive in this book, and the things that really help? Then add this to your cart, buy now, and download to get started today.