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Developing the Character Within the Ambassador Learner

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Developing the Character Within the Ambassador Learner

Длина: 374 стр.6 ч


OUR SOCIETY IS MORALLY SICK and schools have become the places where most of the sickening symptoms are displayed and vomited out – daily. Social media, television and newspapers report extensively on this shocking new normal: Learners assaulting teachers; teachers exploiting and abusing learners sexually and physically; learners bullying learners; parents harassing teachers; day rape, gun and drug abuse in schools – the list goes on.

President Nelson Mandela said: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. We believe that too, but agree with C.S. Lewis that, EDUCATION WITHOUT VALUES, AS USEFUL AS IT IS, SEEMS RATHER TO MAKE A PERSON A MORE CLEVER DEVIL.

THE AMBASSADOR LEARNER offers a solution – VALUES-DRIVEN EDUCATION with CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT as its foundation. Finally a book where no one is blamed, but trained to become the change we all wish to see in our schools, homes and communities.

After years of degradation of the values of learners, educators, parents and principals, finally a practical toolkit has emerged to assist revitalising the value and respect of education and the role it should be playing in our society. – Hilton Mark Visagie, Director: Examination System Administration, Certification & Data Management, Department of Basic Education

About the Authors

Reverend Dr Leon Klein and his wife, Fredeline, are described as a formidable team on matters of education and transformation. They combine their unique passions, expertise and experiences to address the common ills in our post-modern society. FREDELINE is the principal of Highbury Primary School, in Kuils River, bringing with her the experience and expertise of many years as educator and manager. LEON is an ordained Methodist Minister, qualified teacher, university lecturer, social entrepreneurial leader, community developer, keen sportsman, author, speaker, registered marriage and family therapist, and founder of GLOBAL CARE CENTRES. The couple resides in Cape Town with their teenage daughter, Leigh.