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The Happy Potato Diet: Look Slim & Find Bliss!

The Happy Potato Diet: Look Slim & Find Bliss!

Автором Susan Harrison

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The Happy Potato Diet: Look Slim & Find Bliss!

Автором Susan Harrison

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63 pages
58 minutes
Feb 23, 2019


Potatoes will make you fat? Think again! I myself have lost pounds over pounds by chomping down on crispy french fries. What about mashed potatoes with tablespoons of grassfed butter? I know, it sounds like nothing but a dream – but this dream is real, maybe too real for the diet industry who want to keep this a secret.

Potatoes are not only a comfort food, but tremendously healthy; a nutrient dense superfood.
In this book you will learn how everyones favourite vegetable will help fix your gut, make you happier and ready to rock a slim and sexy body.

What roles do resistant starches play?!
What has happiness to do with weightloss?!
How do i stop binge eating and what does the glycemic index have to do with it?!

If you have an open mind when it comes to weight management, this book will crush preconceptions and get you ready for the 21st century of dieting. I lost weight quick & easy and so can you. Order now to dive into cutting edge science explained in a simple way

… and make it work for you!

Feb 23, 2019

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The Happy Potato Diet - Susan Harrison



Congratulations on downloading The Happy Potato Diet: Look Slim & Find Bliss and thank you for doing so.

The following chapters will discuss how being happy while eating can help you to lose weight. By eating when you are happy boosts metabolism which in turn will without you even trying cause you to lose weight. By releasing serotonin, a chemical in the brain, you become happier and it therefore helps in digestion.

Eating foods that have resistant starches aid in digestion. They make you feel fuller longer so you don’t get hungry and start binge eating. They break down in your system slower and it helps release less insulin so you don’t get the sugar high and low. Resistant starches are great for diabetics.

Resistant starches also help feed the bacteria that lives in our digestive tract that helps with our gut flora. By aiding our digestive tract, we are helping our whole body become more functional and healthy.

It might not be scientifically proven but it has been shown that eating potatoes will in fact help you lose weight. Look at Penn Gillette, of Penn and Teller, he did the radical potato diet and lost 75 pounds in 83 days. He has lost 100 pounds in total.

There are different approaches to this diet. You have to figure out what is right for you and just do it. And as with any diet please consult your physician before starting any diet especially if you already have health concerns such as diabetes.

There are plenty of books on this subject on the market, thanks again for choosing this one! Every effort was made to ensure it is full of as much useful information as possible, please enjoy!

A Successful Diet

Most humans think happiness is the main goal, that if they get a certain job they will be happy, if they find the perfect partner they will be happy, or if they drop some weight, happiness will be theirs. This might just be putting the cart before the horse. These events might not happen or it might take longer to happen than they thought. Even if they get the job or partner, or even lose weight, they will just create a different hurdle to jump over before they can be happy. You are probably thinking so, what do we do? If we stop our lives and wait on our weight, we are limiting our happiness.

Our mood will affect what we eat and how often we eat. Have you ever noticed a pattern between your moods and eating habits? Have you skipped or overeaten when you felt upset or stressed? Mood and food have a strong link. Being happy will have a good impact on diets and a healthy diet will have a good impact on moods.  There are weight management systems that are based solely on therapy.

There isn’t any evidence that says happiness causes you to lose weight. There is proof that being depressed, low self-esteem, and anxiety are all linked to eating disorders, weight problems, and obesity. Certain foods can give a rush of happiness, like fat or carbs, so you might choose to eat these if you are feeling down. It has been shown that if you feel happy you will be more active, you will be less likely to get eating disorders, and will take better care of yourself.

So, if you want to get or keep a healthy weight, you need to first take care of your emotions.

You might be someone who eats more or celebrates with food when you are happy. If so, don’t stop reading. You can still learn something. Even if you normally eat less, it might not necessarily be for the correct reasons. You may be eating less if you are unhappy or don’t like the way you look. The goal is to remain happy and to not have ups and downs that happen when you rely on goal-oriented happiness.

How do you get happy without reaching a goal?

Don’t fear, there are some things you can do to help your emotional health.

Spend time with family and friends or being with people who like being with you and make you happy.

Exercising raises endorphin levels and will increase self-esteem and self-confidence. It will have a wonderful impact on the brain even after only 7 minutes of exercise a day.

Go outdoors and soak up some sun. This raises the Vitamin D and serotonin level and will decrease melatonin.


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    I can’t take this book seriously. The correct spelling on the cover should read POTATO NOT POTATOE