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Our Lives In Colored Brushes

Our Lives In Colored Brushes

Автором Gloria Okezie-Okafor

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Our Lives In Colored Brushes

Автором Gloria Okezie-Okafor

119 pages
1 hour
Mar 30, 2019


Here is a collection of short stories and articles, to entertain and inspire the reader. Our Lives in Colored brushes is a fictional narrative, where the characters tend to favor mostly the female gender -- even though this does not completely makes it so. There are also male characters who also tell their own stories. The writer begins with the first narrative which is more like the intro captioned: The Way She Saw It. Here, as also is with the rest of the stories, the writer tries to create a connection with the emotion which reels throughout the story.

The first story recounts the experience of a young lady as she witnessed a community come under siege by men who knew were not connected to the real security personnel of the country. The book proceeds to chapter one where the writer tries to inspire the reader through an article she titled: The Value of You. Going forward to chapter two, titled: A Commercial Driver Tells It; this is a short story of a driver who choice for a wife had gone contrary to his desire for what he hoped to be the marriage of his dream. His dilemma included getting involved in a bus accident because his mind always takes to flight every time he gets behind the steering owing to the troubles he faced in his marriage -- the constant nagging of his wife.

In chapter three, The Single Girl Of Amuwo --another short story-- a professional call girls talks of her life's experience, and how she had come by this age-old profession. Chioma finally wanted love and she found it; but only after so much had happened for which she hoped she could have turned the hand of time.

Chapter four: The Ground Soaked In Blood; this seemed to be where the brief for the book's intro was taken. It narrates a gory incident of gun attack by men in uniform, and who had stormed the community in a fleet of old Vans. Though a fiction, it is told almost like a real account which shows the extent of man's inhumanity against fellow man.

Chapter five 'She Sails Her Way Through', might seem an article, though not. Neither is it a short story. Though reads like a prose, it inspires in the reader the need to believe in one's own capability; recalling of course that every success has it earlier times -- an experience of pain and struggle.

Chapter six: I Have Met Your Husband, is a short story. Simi believes she knew all that she ought about her husband, and that they genuinely love themselves. But a phone call one Sunday morning would make her question all that she ever thought she knew. Alas, their differences was sorted, and their love was set to glow again.

Chapter seven: 'A Still Voice', a short inspirational piece which talks about the vulnerable -- especially the girl child. A young girl was found dead at a road corner, and the writer questions the essence of life, when a corpse is treated with less regards because people had to go about their own business. It seems we are all guilty of this.

The stories come out alive in modern African fashion.

Mar 30, 2019

Об авторе

Gloria is a freelance journalist and marketer; and she's currently training to become a personal coach; and, has an array of unpublished works. 'Our Lives In Colored Brushes' happens to be her second and the smallest of all her titles -- though the first work she'll be publishing with Smashwords. Gloria likes to write most of the time, and to develop those creative ideas streaming into her head. She's about taking a long ride in the world of writing; you might just love to join her train.

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Our Lives In Colored Brushes - Gloria Okezie-Okafor

Our Lives in Colored Brushes

(Short stories and articles)

Copyright 2019 Gloria Okezie-Okafor

Published by Gloria Okezie-Okafor at Smashwords

Smashwords Edition License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be resold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you're reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your enjoyment only, then please return to smashwords.com or your favorite retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Table of Contents


Story Intro: The way she saw it

Chapter One: The value of you

Chapter Two: A commercial driver tells it

Chapter Three: The single girl of Amuwo

Chapter Four: The ground soaked in blood

Chapter Five: She sails her way through

Chapter Six: I have met your husband

Chapter Seven: A still voice

Chapter Eight: Another side called love

Chapter Nine: We ought to get married

Chapter Ten: He got tired of the act

Chapter Eleven: Her final words

Chapter Twelve: Knowledge in a vacuum

Chapter Thirteen: The man in black goggles

About the author


For my husband, Okezie Okafor:

We are just the perfect match. You know how to stand up for me when my head gets into the clouds; and you were handy in helping our kids with their homework. I couldn't be more grateful.

And many thanks to Arinze for his support at the time of typing this manuscript. Your time and encouragement really paid off.

Cover Design: Kizito Ayonote



Glover Town, is a community of humble settlements -- a suburb at best -- consisting of a network of streets, mostly not tarred. This major road, which also goes by the same name as the town, is the center for most of its activities. The inhabitants, a majority of whom are the poor and middle class, make up the bulk of the community's commercial workforce: food vendors, child street hawkers, sex workers, cart pushers, petty traders, office clerks, cobblers, masons, porters, amongst many.

People from nearby towns also come here to do business. Every year Glover Street witness a large turnouts of people. This often results in constant noise and congestions, both of humans and automobiles. This popular street also, is dusty during the dry season. The buildings -- mostly bungalows and shanties -- are in serious states of dilapidation. Also one hardly finds modern structures here, to show the presence of government's impact in the place. Notwithstanding, the same government often use their taskforce to harass traders on tax matters. When it comes to security, the community make do with their own vigilante´ group to checkmate the activities of miscreants and robbers; and to punish offenders of the law.

Although the presence of a market in this major street made its quite rowdy, the locals are usually very friendly people. From time to time, there are such events as the appearance of masquerades, accompanied by their bands, and entertaining with dance steps. There also, is the wrestling competition. This is staged between two male persons tussling over physical strength. The contenders wear nothing except the pieces of clothing with which they cover their lower region. The winner of the contest emerges only after one of them topples the other by making him fall with his back to the ground. At this, the crowd often gives a wild cheer in praise of the winning party. In the end, the excited crowd parts with money which they drop into open baskets in appreciation for the competition.

And so, on this fateful day, with the activities of the street going as usual, no one had preempted there was going be an unusual occurrence. The cheering sounds of roadside onlookers been entertained by the wrestlers or the presence of masquerades, the grinding noise of machines and generating sets, the honking of vehicles, the voices of hawkers calling attention to their wares, all added to the noise coming from this commercial hub. Then, from one end of the street, dust as thick as smoke covered the space, and ascended skywards. There also appeared large number of people running from that corner of the street. Then out of the shadows of dust, a fleet of old model vans, driving with such recklessness, emerged, making its way towards the market center.

In a brief spell, activities of the street had grounded to a halt save for the commotion of people and automobiles as they scamper to take cover. The once boisterous street was reduced to a place of panic and confusion. Private and commercial drivers who could not reverse their vehicles in the gridlock, jumped out of their vehicles and joined the fleeing crowds. Goods, both perishable and none perishable littered the ground, and were trampled by the running crowd. The vans rammed on in madness, suggesting trouble. Some of the men could be seen standing by the door post of vans, holding their guns to their sides or pointing it skywards.

People dived into drainages; others lay flat on hard ground; some ran into shops and warehouses, all in the attempt to escape the looming mayhem. Shortly thereafter, there went the roaring sounds of sporadic gun shots mixed with the screeches of motor tyres and panicked stricken people. The incidence was akin to a scene from a typical war film.

Then, in what seem like eternity, the madness raged on: windscreens of vehicles and glass windows on buildings went down in fragments by live bullets. Walls of buildings and other solid structures, got burrowed into by the round tiny metals. Screams, shouts, cries hits its crescendo. Then, as the noise of people began to subside, the roar of machine guns went unabated. Alas, with nothing else to shoot at, we heard the engines of the vans come to life; and, one after the other they began to leave just as they had come -- with the same reckless driving.

We who had been tucked safe in hidding emerge to behold a pile of human wreckage, and destruction of properties. Many had been hit by bullets; and scores lay dead in a pool of their own blood.



The value of you is the whole essence of you; the benefits you bring by being who you were supposed to be in life and in your career. If you were to be a commodity, you would certainly be priced: either cheap, affordable, or expensive. And this is the way others perceives you. This perception by others -- and of course your ability to express yourself to your heart content --is the basis upon which your happiness or sadness is hinged. And these are often reflected by your actions. At the center of it is you making that all important decision.

It is entirely your decision to choose to effect others in ways you would want them to view you: to choose to be relevant or not to be relevant -- and who wishes not to be relevant? This self perception as projected by the individual comprises of all his actions and inactions. In this way we decide how we live our lives and the activities that helps to sustain our choices; and we determine too, what our responses to life's challenges would be, and by extension what the responses of others towards us.

At the center of this self projection -- as well as whether we are able to get along well with others -- is the PURPOSE we attach to our lives. Purpose is what defines our actions or inactions in life; and it is what determines whether or not others would find us acceptable. Purpose influences the aura with which we go about living our lives. This is what helps us to create characters which define our personalities. And every human person is defined by character.

To create values for our lives then is to develop characters which would put us in good light, and help us determine the purpose for our lives and how we intend to project this purpose for others, as well as get the response we expect from them. Having a clear understanding

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