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Digital China: Working with Bloggers, Influencers and KOLs

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Digital China: Working with Bloggers, Influencers and KOLs

Длина: 185 стр.2 ч


Want to know more about influencer marketing in the world’s largest and fastest growing online market? This is the second book in our series guiding you through China’s digital space. China is one of the most attractive markets in the world and collaborating with bloggers, KOLs and influencers is essential if you want to find a place in the consumer’s heart. Don’t know where to start? This book will help newcomers and experienced marketers alike gain insight and take action.
You’ll learn about:

The Most Influential KOL Platforms and How They Work

How to Find and Select the Right Influencer for You

The Ins and Outs of Effective KOL Campaigns

KOLs in action: Revealing Case Studies

If you need a clearer understanding of one of the most dynamic marketing areas in China, this book is for you.