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Episode 13: Derek Keenan: Interview with artist Derek Keenan from Denver, Colorado.

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Mike's interview with Derek Keenan, an artist based in Denver, Colorado. Recorded in Mike's home in Boulder, Colorado on March 31, 2019.
Topics discussed include: Growing up in Arvada (Colorado), ’57 Chevys, learning from older siblings, organized sports, skateboarding, BMX bikes, Yellow Designs, DIY entrepreneurship, art education, Colorado Institute of Art, industrial design, marker rendering, internships in footwear business, working as a technical aviation illustrator, working as a picture framer, The Peace Corps, The Gambia, village life, Toubobs, African Mahogany charcoal, cultural differences, meditative awakenings, International Jazz Festival of Senegal, weed/psychedelics in Africa, Palm hooch, gender-based experience, Malik Njie, inside jokes/local knowledge, Not Self, hair in a bird’s nest, construction work, work options for felons, Fuzzy, toking on the job, street photography, recycling skateboards, craft fairs, earring hustle, Mukee, $15,000 laser, AT-AT, touring, support from the ladies, viral moment, booth design/fabrication, street-level business development, the stoney teepee, rubbing elbows, Etsy.

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