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Single Dads, Fed Up Women, Trump Disrespect, Obama Day, Tom Cruise, Miss Ann, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Rhonda VS Tommy, Carla's Trending Power Talk, Weekend Confessions, Closing Remarks and more.

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Today's show is dedicated to all the single dads that be gettin' it in. The things that fed up women say. The disrespect is real with Trump. Illinois declares Obama Day as he celebrated 57 years of life. Tom Cruise is still on top of the box office. Miss Ann gives us National News. Are You Smarter Than Tommy? Rhonda VS Tommy. Weekend Confessions are back. Who is Bernard? Is 2 jump offs and a husband on the side ok? Is wanting the batteries from your ex desperate? You will get those answers here. Miss Carla gives a spoiler alert for Power. Today the fellas to Closing Remarks and it involves a side piece wives summit plus much more! Learn more about your ad-choices at

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