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#BTS with Good Support + Conscious Chatter: episode 2.0 w/ Georgia Lee Hussey

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What change can happen in our lives when we look at the bigger picture, especially when we look through the lens of sustainability (i.e. social, environmental & economic impacts)? When we dive into the deeper meaning[s] of life, we can, or should see how connected we all are.  #BTS(behind the scenes)  w/ Good Support + Conscious Chatter explores how our choices and actions impact our greater communities. We also discuss ways to start making changes to align ourselves more fully with our beliefs. We will explore all the ways we can get more activated and engaged through quarterly topics like finance, education, healthcare and more. Each episode will feature hosts Gretchen Jones and Kestrel Jenkins as they make connections and discuss how our actions speak louder than our words, through in-depth conversation w/ experts in the field, but more specifically - women slaying it in their chosen field. Join the collective, work the guides and explore how challenging ourselves to be the change we hope to see in the world means learning and living more civically engaged lives.

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