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Hard Factor 4/30: Hot Rod Resigns, Russia Is Militarizing Whales and Invisible Aliens are Banging Us

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'Hot" Rod Rosenstein is out as the Deputy Attorney General.  He has resigned effective May 11th and his bosses boss President Donald Trump is probably thrilled since he has asked for treason charges to be considered for the "Hot Rod."  Way to avoid the awkward performance review Rod.Russia is very likely training whales, dolphins and seals to join their navy.  Floating whale mines is pretty fucking genius if you ask us.  Not writing anything else about this one, but you should listen to the full story on the podcast.According to a Korean doctor that is a professor at Oxford for the time being, there are a bunch of invisible aliens that are having sex with us to procreate. Maybe this is why we wake up with morning wood!To get the full scoop on these stories and much much more subscribe and listen to the podcast.

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