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The Bill of Rights - The Backstory | Episode #122 | Election College: United States Presidential Election History: Before there was a Bill of Rights... there were reasons why we needed a Bill of Rights.

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Way back before the Bill of Rights was even written, the writers of the Constitution knew there was going to be one! These 10 Amendments to our governing document lead the way through troubled times and precarious situations on a regular basis. However, we don't go very deep in to what the actual amendments within the Bill of Rights entail during this episode. That's next time. Instead, we talk about the history of, necessity for, and influencers behind the nation's 10 most popular amendments. _______________ We recorded an audiobook! It’s about the letters between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr before their fateful duel. Get it for free with a 30 day Audible trial at ElectionCollege.com/DuelingLetters or get it for only $3.99 with your Audible subscription! ___________________________ Support the show! Use this link to do your shopping on Amazon. It won't cost you a penny more and it will help us out!  ElectionCollege.com/Amazon ________________________ Be sure to subscribe to the show! Leave us a review on iTunes - It really helps us out! Facebook  |  Twitter  | Instagram ________________________ Get a free month of Audible and a free audiobook to keep at ElectionCollege.com/Audible ________________________ Music from: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music ________________________ Some links in these show notes are affiliate links that could monetarily benefit Election College, but cost you nothing extra. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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