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Breathing Room and Boundaries: How to Work Hard Without Burning Out: #063 - I'm back from my sabbatical and this week I share the incredible importance of breathing room and boundaries.

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#063 - I am back from my sabbatical and super excited to share a TON of new breakthroughs, ideas, and strategies. In this week's episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I discuss the incredible importance of breathing room and boundaries.There is no doubt that taking time off matters a lot. The question is, have you prioritized and scheduled time off?Today I share a few strategies I learned while slowing the pace of my life, plus I talk all about the many new breakthroughs I had and how those affect the podcast.Tip of the WeekThis week’s tip is a great way to hold yourself to daily deadlines and stay motivated while Timer [online timer]Resources Mentioned in the ShowTake my Rockin' Productivity Survey [it's quick, I promise]Request to join The 5 AM Miracle Community [facebook group]10 Miracles: The Top 10 Must-Have Tools for Productivity Junkies [FREE eBook + audiobook]The 5 AM Miracle: A Proven Plan to Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast [FREE eBook + audiobook]Get on the early notification email list for Ambitious Coaching [my premium coaching program]Trek 7.3 FX [my new hybrid bicycle]Gravity Boots for Inversion [a fun and bizarre fitness activity]Michael Arnstein [ultramarathon runner]

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