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070 - The Murder of Taylor Van Diest (BC)

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Episode 070 - In the quiet city of Armstrong B.C. on Halloween night 2011, Taylor Van Diest, 18, left her house dressed as a zombie. She was excited to meet up with her pals to go trick or treating one last time before they were 'too old'. Taylor stopped responding to text messages just over ten minutes into her short walk to her friend's home. She was found badly beaten and clinging to life two hours later by friends and family frantically searching. The fun loving girl with no known enemies died in hospital the next morning. It would take good old fashioned police work coupled with forensic DNA evidence to bring her killer to justice.
Sources:Taylor Van Diest FacebookTaylor Van Diest Press Conference (Nov.4/11)Van Diest Suspect DNA (video)RCMP Taylor Van Diest murder suspect (video)R. v. Foerster, 2017 BCCA 105 (CanLII), Killer's Videotaped ConfessionFoerster Pleads Guilty to Earlier AttacksFoerster Sr. gets three years for enabling murderer's escapeSupport the show.

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