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19: Hypnobirthing with Suzy Ashworth of The Calm Birth School: What hypnobirthing is, and how it can help you through labor and birth.

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Hypnobirthing is a practice that uses calming and relaxation techniques to create a calm, positive birth experience.  This is an amazing tool you need in your toolbox as a mom-to-be!  It can be applied during your pregnancy, labor, birth, and even in your parenting journey.  Hypnobirthing will be useful whether you’re planning a hospital, home, or midwife-led birth.  This episode features Suzy Ashworth of the Calm Birth School.  Suzy is a hypnobirthing expert and has helped teach thousands of women, all over the world, her unique method for creating a smooth birth experience.  Suzy explains everything involved with hypnobirthing, the science behind it, and how it can help you get the positive birth experience you want. Suzy Ashworth is a pregnancy coach, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and a hypnotherapist, with two children and a growing bump. She has a passion for showing women exactly why they can and should believe in themselves, empowering them to create mind-blowing birth experiences. Making women feel confident and amazing is what she rocks at.

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