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The 4th Year Episode #2: Recently matched 4th years Roy, Marco, and Dana school Ian on the ins and outs of the 4th year of medical school.

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See below for time stamps. Confused about 4th year? This episode is for you! Newly matched 4th year med students Roy Swanson (ophthalmology), Marco Swanson (plastic surgery), and Dana Canfield (obstetrics and gynecology) school Ian on the ins and outs of 4th year of medical school. Show notes can be found here. This is a wide ranging conversation that starts at the end of 3rd year and takes the listener through the completion of 4th year. A complete list of discussion topics for this episode can be found here, but includes: Introductions [2:44] Start 4th year discussion [15:32] Acting internships (+ away rotations) [26:01] Away rotations [1:04:25] Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) --> now the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) [1:12:47] Letters of recommendation [1:15:05] Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and personal statements [1:38:00] The Step 2s (Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills) [2:02:24] Residency interviews [2:34:20] The rank list and the Matching algorithm [3:07:35] The Match and Match week [3:24:49] Supplemental Offer of Acceptance Program (SOAP) aka "the scramble" [3:26:40] Life post-Match [3:33:49] Final comments from the gang [3:43:37] Special thank you to Katie Bedard, MD; Alice Yu, MD; Gary Parizher, MD; Kelly Manger, MD; and Karishma Habbu, MD for their help in formulating the discussion topics. And an extra special thank you to Kristol Das, MD for sitting patiently through a dry run of the interview to identify missing topics and to make sure the 4th Year Episode would flow properly :) Please enjoy with Roy, Marco, and Dana!   This episode is sponsored by OnlineMedEd! Use this link to sign up for a free account. Then come back and use this link to get $80 off their annual premium subscription! Check out the TUMS Resources page, which includes a complete list of book recommendations made by guests on this show!

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