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Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth drops baby off with fiance and disappears

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The investigation into the disappearance of missing Kelsey Berreth moved to her fiance Patrick Frazee's Florissant, Colorado, home Friday, where the 29-year-old mom dropped off her baby before vanishing. Detectives searched for the home for clues and Frazee's lawyer insists the fiance is cooperating with them. Nancy Grace looks at the case with experts including  Atlanta juvenile judge & lawyer Ashley Willcott, forensics expert Karen Smith, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober, and reporter Ellen Killoran. Grace also continues digging into the evidence that helped investigators conclude that Colorado dad Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife and their two young daughters. Her panel includes forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, North Carolina family & divorce lawyer Kathleen Murphy, New York Psychologist Caryn Stark, and Alexis Tereszcuk.

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