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Dismantle the Family with Behind the Lines on PBN: Behind the Lines focuses the ‘tactical execution and practical application’ of collectivization upon specific constructs within society.

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Dismantle the Family! 

Host: Allen Getz "Behind the Headlines"  

on American Preppers Radio!

Mondays 9:00pm/Est  6:00pm/Pt
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This episode examines the Institute for Social Research’s plan for the destabilization of society centering upon the destruction of the family. This examination centers upon the Institute’ goal of ‘breaking down’ and dismantling the family by any and all means necessary. With various means at the disposal of the pro-collectivization supporters, we review the principles of devaluation and acrimony regarding as applied against familial societal structure. Also, specific methods shaping negative opinions regarding traditional views undergo analysis.

The revelation of these mechanisms (as highlighted in the ‘points’ of the Institute for Social Research) point toward disturbing trends within the current culture.... Read More!

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