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Show 1985 The Wonderful World of Stu!: Show 1985 The Wonderful World of Stu! This ACU Show consists of several short segments from Stu Burguiere of the “Wonderful World of Stu   Was Hitler a Christian? His own words make it clear ...

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Show 1985 The Wonderful World of Stu! This ACU Show consists of several short segments from Stu Burguiere of the “Wonderful World of Stu   Was Hitler a Christian? His own words make it clear http://www.theblaze.com/video/watch-was-hitler-a-christian-his-own-words-make-it-clear/ According to Hitler’s own words, he was in no way a Christian, but those who hate Christianity would like you to think he was. Indeed when he needed votes, Hitler himself wanted you to think he was a Christian — and that the Bible was written in German and that Jesus wasn’t a Jew. Stu Burguiere of the “Wonderful World of Stu” took a look at Hitler’s relationship with the Church using his own words, concluding that Hitler was a Christian in the same way Stu is a gym rat — not at all. Hitler needed German Christian voters, saying, “We do not want to battle against Christianity.” Historian Friedrich Timme saw through the Nazis’ pandering, stating: “Everyone who believes their grand promises, and indeed their Christian beliefs, is a fool. You should recognize them by the fruits of their deeds.” In 1939, Hitler established the Institute for the Study of Eradication of Jewish Influence on German Church Life, which eliminated the Old Testament and decided that Jesus was actually appropriated from an old Germanic god, Krist. He later said of the Church, “This organized lie has to be broken in such a way that the state becomes the absolute master.” Was Hitler worshiping Christ or competing with Him? To see more from Stu, visit his channel on TheBlazeand watch “Wonderful World of Stu” live Fridays 8–8:30 p.m. or anytime on-demand at TheBlaze TV.   The Nazis were the first environmental Nazis http://www.theblaze.com/video/the-nazis-were-the-first-environmental-nazis/ Nazis were lots of things — most notably, murderous, genocidal maniacs. But they were also environmentalists, said Stu Burguiere on “The Wonderful World of Stu.” Paul Ehrlich famously predicted in “The Population Bomb” that we’d run out of food because we would have too many people. Hitler was also incredibly concerned about this, using it as an excuse to conquer his neighbors. He said “The new reich would have to … conquer with the German sword the soil that the German plow would till in order to provide our people with their daily bread.” Stu then cited a number of publications from the era of the Third Reich that contain environmental phraseology almost indistinguishable from today’s. The Germans of the time even had the same sentiments about those who did not wish to submit to government-mandated environmentalism. Wilhelm Lienenkamper  said “Those refusing the call of sacrifice are under attack, and rightly so. “ And Hermann Goering, famous for a few atrocities, also said of the environment “Only by the complete subjection of the individual to the service of the whole can the perpetuity of the community be assured.” Even when talking about forest conservation, the Nazis sound scary.   Nuclear power does exactly what environmentalists want — but they still hate it http://www.theblaze.com/video/nuclear-power-does-exactly-what-environmentalists-want-but-they-still-hate-it/ Stu Burguiere can’t understand why people who are passionate about energy efficiency and climate change, such as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I), hate nuclear energy. After all, every time we shut down a nuclear power plant in the United States, carbon emissions go up by millions of metric tons. Isn’t that a bad thing? When Bernie’s own state shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, it was replaced by a plant burning a fossil fuel: natural gas. Emissions went up by five percent, the first increase since 2010. Thirty million tons of carbon emissions spewed into the crisp Vermont air, partly blamed on the cold winter and New Englanders trying to not freeze to death. Nuclear power is largely carbon neutral and in theory, “an environmentalist’s dream,” Stu said. Yet seven more plants are scheduled to close between now and 2025

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