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Podcast 243 Predators: Can you spot a predator before you become their prey?

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Click Here Get Notes by Email   Today: Can you spot a predator before you become their prey?  We go through one of the greatest books about self defense in our modern world.  In my library there are only 3 books you need to read and re-read, this is one of them.   In Dangerous Personalities, former FBI profiler Joe Navarro shows readers how to identify the four most common "dangerous personalities" and analyze how much of a threat each one can be.     https://amzn.to/2DAygNp Podcast Outline: Where this book fits  Gift of Fear - Use your fear when the event is happening  Left of Bang - Notice before the event happens  This book Dangerous Personalities - Notice dangerous people in your life before you can become a victim.    Joe Navarro  First book of his I’ve read  FBI profiler  Lists he put together over a career studying people that hurt others  From the book MY INTENTION Dangerous Personalities is my attempt to share with you what I know about those who will hurt you. Dangerous personalities are all around us. They may be your neighbors, friends, boss, date, spouse, relatives, or parent. They may be community leaders or professionals responsible for your education, money, health, or safety—and that is why we have to be particularly on guard. Evil, crime, or suffering comes at us in many ways, and rarely does it wave a flag or blow a whistle to say, “Get ready, I’m coming!” The check lists  150 items or so If that person checks over half of them you are probably in danger.  Different Personalities  Narcissist It’s all about me  “Narcissistic personalities care only for themselves, their needs, and their priorities. While you and I appreciate attention, the narcissist craves it and manipulates people and situations to get it. While you and I work hard to be successful, the narcissistic personality connives to succeed and may cheat, lie, embellish the truth, or scheme to get ahead, uncaring of how others are affected.” Overvalued self and devalues others  “Narcissistic personalities have an uncanny ability to identify weakness or insecurity in others and use it to put others down or make themselves look better.” Never find true empathy only entitlement  Rules and boundaries don’t matter or count for them but will be used against others to make them more  Never do anything wrong it’s theirs for the taking and belongs to them  “Narcissists often seek positions where they can control others. That’s why you tend to see more of them in jobs such as law, medicine, and politics or in high-level executive positions, where they can use their rank or status to take care of themselves.” It may take a while to spot them for sure  Eventually they will only move on when they take everything from that person  Avoid them and creat distance  Create boundaries and when crossed have serious reprocotions  They need to want to change for themselves and it will take a lot of work  Generally they don’t love anyone enough to change  Emotionally Unstable This personality’s key traits are pervasive emotional instability marked by behaviors that affect their well-being, relationships, and interactions with others. Changeable as the weather and far less predictable, they careen from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, feeling on top of the world or like a princess one minute and a victim in the gutter the next. They can be talented, charming, stimulating, and seductive, but they can also quickly turn hostile, impulsive, or even irrational. It is for this personality that the word mercurial was invented. They have an overwhelming need to be loved and to feel secure but little ability to nourish or nurture healthy relationships. Get too close and they feel suffocated; give them space and they feel abandoned. Tragically, their inchoate quest for stability can lead to harm for themselves and others. People are drawn to them because on the surface and at first some of these attributes seems attractive  Around people like this you w

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