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The Bible Binge: The NOs of Church Excerpt

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We have a fun excerpt from The Bible Binge bonus episode “The Nos of Church” that we’re dropping in ourbrand newBible Binge Patreon Community launching today, June 1.The Bible Binge Patreon Community is a place where we will have all of our additional resources, elements, and content we generate alongside our normal episodes of The Bible Binge. Patreon content includes: Bible Scholar Deep Dive for each episode: Expanded Gentle RebukeDiscussion questions for yourself or small groupCompanion music playlistAdditional resources like books, art, and more to supplement a deeper conversation about the episode.Ad-Free Bible Binge Episodes Monthly Video QTNA (Questions That Needs Answers) with Erin MoonQuarterly Ask-Us-Anything Fellowship Gatherings with Knox, Jamie, and ErinDiscounts for MerchandiseOccasional Bonus Episodes like "The NOs of Church"The Bible Binge is a show where we take both the familiar and obscure stories found in scripture, and with equal parts humor and insight, walk you through the odd circumstances in which these ancient figures find themselves. If you imagine your Bible 101 class was taught by People Magazine, that’s Knox and Jamie recapping scripture.To scope out our new community, learn more about what we’re doing, and hear the rest of the episode, head tothebiblebinge.com/patreon.

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