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Sleep Secrets: Build Better Sleep Easily and Quickly in Less Than 3 Days

Sleep Secrets: Build Better Sleep Easily and Quickly in Less Than 3 Days

Автором Lisa Jones

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Sleep Secrets: Build Better Sleep Easily and Quickly in Less Than 3 Days

Автором Lisa Jones

69 pages
51 minutes
Sep 9, 2019


Discover how you can overcome your sleep problems naturally without taking pills. You can now start getting the deep, peaceful sleep you desire!

You're about to discover the techniques you can use to fall asleep faster, sleep through the night and wake up feeling relaxed & revived!

This ebook: Sleep Secrets: Build Better Sleep Easily And Quickly In Less Than 3 Days is jam-packed with the sleeping tips and tricks, and secrets you require to know in order enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

Sep 9, 2019

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Sleep Secrets - Lisa Jones

Sleep Secrets

Build Better Sleep Easily and Quickly in Less Than 3 Days

Table of Content



Sleep Basics - What Is Sleep?

How Much Sleep Do We Need?


Using Your Brain – CBT (Cognitive Behavior Training) For Better Sleep

Using Natural Supplements For Better Sleep

Best Manmade Synthetics to Help Build Better Sleep

De-Stress for a Better Night’s Sleep

Parasomnias: How They Affect Your Sleep




Copyright © (Sleep Secrets: Build Better Sleep Easily and Quickly in Less Than 3 Days)

Published by ( Lisa Jones )

© 2018 (South Africa)

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or modified in any form, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.


Dear Fellow Insomnia Sufferer,

I know you are tired...

Tired of sleepless nights...

Tired of going to work feeling dull and sluggish...

Tired of trying out tons of insomnia cures that didn’t work...

If you think fighting insomnia is a losing proposition then think again. Insomnia is a condition that is very easy to treat...if you have the right plan.

Losing sleep is no laughing matter... if left unmanaged, could pose health problems in the future.

✓  It can decrease your immunity to harmful diseases such as infections and heart problems

✓  You may lose your job or friends as you won’t have the energy to report to work on time or engage in social events.

✓  It can bring harm to you or your family especially when driving since you will have impaired mental awareness.

✓  Lose your beautiful figure or have a sculpted body as your body compensates for lack of sleep by gorging on food.

✓  Lack of sleep impairs the immune system and may lead to increased pain sensitivity, which can exacerbate the symptoms of painful diseases like fibromyalgia and arthritis.

✓  Sleep deprivation can also be a factor behind the increase in blood pressure when sleep has an antihypertensive effect and lack of sleep impairs the body's ability to regulate blood pressure.

✓  And a whole lot more of major health problems...

So what makes my ebook unique?

You are about to find out...

In this unique ebook you will get a step by step method how to get rid of insomnia naturally from home and get a peaceful night of sleep.

Just look at the things you will get from this awesome system...

Discover the secrets to getting the perfect sleep WITHOUT the help of pills – You’ll wake up feeling fresh, recharged and ready to go.

Stay healthy as you avoid the damaging effects of sleep deprivation, keeping your immune system in tip-top shape.

Enjoy each day full of vigor and energy as your body is well rested from a good night’s sleep

Save tons of money as you avoid using expensive and artificial drugs – you’ll discover natural treatments found in your home to get rid of insomnia for good!

Enjoy life to the fullest as you feel better having slept all night WITHOUT disturbance, anxiety or stress.

Feel younger and more vibrant as you enjoy the healthy benefits of sleeping.

As you go through the ebook step-by-step, you will discover tons of tips and methods laid out in an easy to follow plan of action.

Sleep is very important, both to body and mind to function effectively and make us feel good.

Good sleep is also crucial to our body to neutralize free radicals. These molecules affect the aging of cells and appears to increase risk of cancer.

Sleep Basics - What Is Sleep?

Everyone knows what sleep is – but ask anybody to explain it to you and they’ll be at a loss for words. Mammals and birds do it, and most reptiles, fish and amphibians do it as well. Trying to define sleep, though, is much harder.

It’s been said that all we really know about sleep is

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