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Sold: Party Toy
Sold: Party Toy
Sold: Party Toy
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Sold: Party Toy

Автор Q. Zayne

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Note: This is explicit erotica.
Brittani takes the bait...
I had a three-day notice to pay rent or quit. The ad was the answer to my problem. Someone needed a party hostess for 24 hours on a private island. With my catering experience and model looks, I could get the gig.

But when I set eyes on the man about to fly me to the island, I realized I might have made a mistake. The tall, older, arrogant stranger didn’t just undress me with his eyes, he used me right there on the pavement. Deviant desires seemed to radiate from him.
He pulled a black leather dog collar out of his pocket.
“Wait. You have to sign this before we do anything. Read it.” He handed me a contract.
The wind swept a bottle down the runway and blew my skirt up. It was hard to read with his dark eyes looking right through my underwear and into my secret places.
“This is a mistake. I didn’t know the ad meant —.”
“You thought you were going to serve canapes on a tray?” He chuckled. “No, Brittani. You’re the main course.” His eyes worked me over again. “And you’re perfect.” He handed me a pen that probably cost more than my laptop. “Just sign at the bottom of the page. Full disclosure, full consent. That’s the way I do business.”
“Can I leave?”
“Of course you can leave. If you leave now. But you don’t get paid if you leave. Once we get to the island, you’re ours for 24-hours.” He tapped the contract with his long finger. “When your service is over, I transfer $10,000 to your account and send you home.”
“$10,000?” I choked on it. That was more than generous. I scanned the contract again. It had long, dense paragraphs of disclaimers and waivers but not much in the way of details. “I’ll be — okay — when it’s over?”
“You’ll be okay.” He smiled.
I liked his smile. I needed the money. I signed.
He put the collar around my neck and buckled it.

If you like dark short erotica, kinky alpha billionaires — and no-entrances-barred hard-and-unprotected group interracial action with a white woman at the center, you'll love Q. Zayne's creamy story about Brittani’s scary-hot visit to The Billionaire’s Club. Click Buy and get the adventure!

All characters are 18+ and readers should be, too, due to language and sexual content. If you're over 21, enjoy the dash of interracial BMWW romance sparked amid all the juicy action. :)

ИздательQ. Zayne
Дата выпуска9 янв. 2017 г.
Sold: Party Toy
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Q. Zayne

Q. Zayne often appears on top 100 author lists. Q. minored in Classical Archaeology and has an MFA in Creative Writing from SFSU. After teaching at the university, working as an editor, and freelancing, the author embarked on a wild digital publishing adventure. Thanks to fabulous readers, super promoters, and unflagging supporters, Q. writes fiction for a living from the Yucatan, Central America, and the California coast.Check out the Quin Zayne books for dirty, high-heat romance, and Q. Zayne for Erotica and naughty fairy tales.

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    Sold - Q. Zayne

    Sold ~

    Party Toy

    Brittani Serves Black Men

    The Billionaires Club Interracial BDSM 1

    by Q. Zayne


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    Electronic book publication: July 2017, 3rd edition

    This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual businesses, entities, creatures or persons living or dead is purely coincidental. All people and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. This fantasy disregards safe sex and even what’s physically possible. Don’t try any of this at home. Stay safe and sexy. This work is for mature readers 18+. All characters are over 18.

    The Bait

    Author’s Note: Welcome to my world. Most of you know what you’re getting into. If you’re new to my work and skipped the book description, be warned: This is a dirty book with explicit, interracial BDSM group sex scenes. It’s contains nasty, scary-hot erotica for women and discerning men over 18. If a story with a gang action and a manipulative, dominant billionaire might disturb you, spare yourself. Adventurous readers, let’s go.

    I saw the notice on my apartment door when I reached the top of the stairs. The landlord had stapled it on, as though wanting to make his demand as public and humiliating as possible. Three days to pay rent or quit.

    A shock went through me and I dropped my keys on on the threadbare, stinky hall carpet. He was evicting me. I had nowhere to go.

    I picked up my keys, fumbled with them, unlocked the tiny San Francisco studio that had been my home all through college. I sat down at the kitchen table and put my face in my hands.

    This couldn’t be happening. But I was three months behind on my rent. He’d raised the rent over the summer. Even with grabbing extra gigs on the weekends, I couldn’t cover it. But I couldn’t find another place to live, either. The newspapers had finally started blaring about the housing crisis, as though it was a recent event that many working people couldn’t afford to live here.

    My weight was lower than when I started at the university, and I hadn’t had any to spare, despite being top-heavy and having a round ass. Now I looked like an underfed girl from the Ukraine due for a lingerie modeling contract. I opened my laptop. I could see my reflection in the screen, big waif-like eyes, straight hair, but a full mouth. I raked in tips serving cocktails,

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