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Rudberg Novel

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Rudberg Novel

Автор: James H Lewis

Длина: серия


Journalist Alan Rudberg seeks the truth, but a corrupt politician will destroy him to conceal it. Will this story ruin his career and his marriage?

An anonymous letter sends Rudberg to eastern Oregon to investigate a kickback scheme. As he digs into a sinister web of crooked politicians and businesspeople, he finds more than he bargained for. A powerful local politician files a libel suit that threatens his reputation. Although the facts are on the Rudberg's side, a biased judge and unsympathetic townspeople pull together to oppose the "city slicker" reporter.

As the outcome grows uncertain, his wife questions his commitment, and his publisher becomes distant. Rudberg realizes he is battling business interests more formidable than the grifters in this rural Western community.

A parable of modern journalism.