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How To Become An Influencer

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How To Become An Influencer

Автор: Leonard Monroe

Длина: 48 стр.41 мин


"How to Become an Influencer": The Step-by-step guide to becoming an influencer in your industry. Get recognized. Build your tribe. Get paid for endorsements.

What is this course about?

Learn the psychology of brands and followers and understand how to make people Love what you have to say.

Pick a mission and message that you really believe in and that people can get behind.

How to select the right niche for you.

Follow a simple step-by-step program to become a powerful influencer.

Become a micro influencer inside a year.

Earn a living doing what you love, open up to opportunities that you could never have imagined.

How to create a content plan that will allow you to provide consistent value without needing to dedicate huge amounts of time.