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Facebook Marketing and Advertising for Small Business Owners

Facebook Marketing and Advertising for Small Business Owners

Автором Mark Warner

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Facebook Marketing and Advertising for Small Business Owners

Автором Mark Warner

246 pages
1 hour
Oct 17, 2019


Is your business ´The-Freddy-Mercury´a.k.a ´I am the invisible man on Facebook?
Even clients with an academic grade in Information Science cannot find you there?
Then keep reading...

In Dec 2018 there were 1.52 billion people actively using Facebook daily. An increase of 9% since the year before.

But the number of ads, messages, and posts are also rising.

It becomes harder to reach your customers through all the noise.

But you can learn from other successful small businesses and beat your competition with the contents of this book.

In ´Facebook Marketing and Advertising for Small Business Owners in 2019´ you will discover:

  • The Asian-Spy-Report´with in-depth details on how this, now very famous, Korean Fashion Brand realized a 15x ROI using Facebook Ads (page 38)
  • A practical 8 step checklist to set up and manage your Facebook Ads, miss 1 and your Facebook Ad will fail (page 18)
  • The ´9-Step-Launch-Control-Strategy´ to give your Facebook Strategy a kickstart like a rocket to the moon (page 12)
  • 6 Tips to create Engaging Content for higher conversion rates miss a few tips and you are throwing away money (page 28)
  • The Facebook strategies used by a famous car brand to make their model the no. 1 in the segment and how you can leverage their tactics (page 40)
  • 12 Tools which will help to push your Facebook Marketing results to the next level (page 30)
  • 17 Mind-blowing facts and numbers about the Facebook platform, which you can use for your strategic Facebook Marketing Planning (page 34)
  • 6 Things people are looking for on Facebook, use this to choose the right type of Ad (page 35)
  • The psychology behind why people buy and how to use this in your Facebook Marketing (page 45 and 113)
  • A step-by-step guide to creating your ideal customer persona for maximum profits, including practical examples (page 49)
  • More than 60 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses which still pay-off (page 71)
  • Are you making this mistake in your Facebook videos? (page 93)
  • Use the ´Viral-Fact-Checker to increase your visibility on Facebook (page 94)
  • Why, when and how you should set up Facebook Pixels for better ROI (page 102)
  • 3 Tips for engaging storytelling through Facebook to further increase the loyalty of your customers for your brand (page 138)
  • The ´Stop-The-Money-Burner-Program´ to prevent wasting time and money on Facebook (page 121)

And much, much more.

As a business owner, your most important job is to run your business. You don´t have a lot of time to spend on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing and Advertising for Small Business Owners in 2019 is specially written to reduce the time spent by you on Facebook while increasing your visibility, reach and profit.

The money spent on Facebook Ads is increasing every year. And let´s be honest, the ads aren´t becoming cheaper. That´s why you will discover the no.1 activity to reduce your reliability on Facebook and get back full ownership and control of your (future) customers. (page 123)

It´s time to push your business and revenue to the next level by leveraging Facebook.

Scroll up and click Add to cart´ to get back your time and increase your profits.

Oct 17, 2019

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Facebook Marketing and Advertising for Small Business Owners - Mark Warner

Facebook Marketing and Advertising for Small Business Owners

Discover How to Optimize the Money You Spend on Facebook And Get Maximum Results By Using Proven ROI Methods

Mark Warner

© Copyright 2019 - All rights reserved.

The content contained within this book may not be reproduced, duplicated or transmitted without direct written permission from the author or the publisher.

Under no circumstances will any blame or legal responsibility be held against the publisher, or author, for any damages, reparation, or monetary loss due to the information contained within this book, either directly or indirectly.

Legal Notice:

This book is copyright protected. This book is only for personal use. You cannot amend, distribute, sell, use, quote or paraphrase any part, or the content within this book, without the consent of the author or publisher.

Disclaimer Notice:

Please note the information contained within this document is for educational and entertainment purposes only. All effort has been executed to present accurate, up to date, and reliable, complete information. No warranties of any kind are declared or implied. Readers acknowledge that the author is not engaging in the rendering of legal, financial, medical or professional advice. The content within this book has been derived from various sources. Please consult a licensed professional before attempting any techniques outlined in this book.

By reading this document, the reader agrees that under no circumstances is the author responsible for any losses, direct or indirect, which are incurred as a result of the use of the information contained within this document, including, but not limited to, — errors, omissions, or inaccuracies.

Table of Contents


Principles to Power Your Facebook Strategy

Checklist for Creating & Optimizing Facebook Ads

Choosing an Editor

Choose Your Ad Objective

Choose Your Audience

Setting Your Budget



Creating Your Ad

Ad Performance

Facebook Ad Manager

Marketing Software Ads

Marketing Plan


Your Target Audience

Set a Budget

Create and Planning Engaging Content

Monitor Your Progress

Split Testing

Social Media Script

Facebook Facts

How Facebook Helps Small Businesses

What Users Are Looking for on Facebook

Success Stories

Toyota Israel

Chapter 1: How to Influence People?

Start a Conversation

Motivate People

Make Customers Support Your Story

Provide Quality Content

Make Customer Service Your Regular Routine

Experiment with Videos

Use the Insight

Target the Right Audience

Principles of Persuasion

Chapter 2 - The Foundation

The Important Buyer Persona Questions That You Need To Ask

A Basic Buy Persona Template Example

Pain Points and Goals

Real Estate Example

Pain Points and Goals

Restaurant Example

Pain Points and Goals

Chapter 3: Start Growing Your Business with Facebook

What Content Can You Create On Facebook

How to Effectively Market With Facebook

Facebook Marketing Advantages

Paid Content Vs Organic Content

Creating A Facebook Business Account

Creating Your Account

Assigning Levels

Add a Payment Method

Creating a Facebook Company Fan Page

Enter Basic Information

Use the Admin Panel

Tell Stories

Build Tabs to Generate Sales

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Post with Intent

Try To Blend In

Don't Forget Your Content Calendar

Optimize Your Profile Page

Clear the Community Page

Create a Facebook Group

Strategically Choose Your Name

Use the Facebook story to your advantage

Start With One Advertisement At A Time On A Limited Budget

Consider Boosting Posts

Biggest mistakes you make on Your Facebook Profile & Fan Page

Posting too many times on Facebook

Not Engaging In Comments


Deleting negative comments

Running competitions against the rules

Posting similar content

Not using applications properly

Not responding

Generating traffic to your website

The Most Common Persuasion Mistakes

Validating undesirable

Highlight gain instead of the loss

Misusing your authority

The principle of liking

Enforcing the principle of consistency

Not giving a reason

Proven Ways to Boost Organic (Non-Paid) Facebook Posts

Analyze Your Top 10

Post amazing content

Optimize targeting

Don't cross-post

Learn the best times to post

Share on weekends as well

Make the most of Facebook live

Use your blog posts to your advantage

Use events to your advantage

Make use of webinars

Email marketing

Using Pinterest

Ask your fans to enable notifications

Facebook Engagement Tactics for Your Business Page

Collect questions in comments

Share offers about products to anyone who pings you on messenger

Use emojis to your advantage

Shout out to customers

Run a contest!

Ask for feedback

Share relevant information

Ask open-ended questions

Start Joining Conversations That Are Relevant

Speak About Your Community Involvement

Don't be serious all the time

Examples of Interactive Facebook Posts

Scroll Stopping Content

Why do people share content?

Targeting on Facebook

Chapter 5: How to Set up Facebook Business Manager

Create Your Facebook Business Manager Account

Add Your Business Page

Add Your Facebook Ad Account

Add People to Help Manage the Facebook Business Page

Assign People to Manage Your Facebook Page

Link to Your Instagram Account

Setting Up Facebook Pixels

Placing Your Ad

Reasons You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Benefits of the Facebook Pixel

Chapter 6: Choose The Best Advertising Option For Your Business on Facebook

Video Ad

Photo Ad

Reach Ad

Offer Ad

Event Ad

Retargeting Ad

Targeting Based On The Audience

Chapter 7: Ideas And Tips For Ads Using The Persuasion Principles


Consistency and Commitment

Social Proof

The Principle of Liking



Chapter 8: When It All Comes Together: The Plan

Implement an organized Content Strategy

Save On Time

Create Content Well In Advance

You Can Create A Strategy

Stop Building Facebook Apps

Picking the Wrong Prize For Your Contest

Post Educational Content

Stop Wasting Time on Facebook

Don't Purchase Fans

Get More Out Of Your Ad Results

Chapter 9: Email and Email marketing

Facebook Marketing Versus Email Marketing

Getting Traffic to Your Facebook Ads

Create a Landing Page within Your Facebook Ad

Create the Right Campaign For Your Email Ids

Ways to Collect Leads From Your Facebook Campaign

Chapter 10: Improve, Test, Grow, and Monetize

Mix Up Your Content

Encourage Posts from Your Fans

Use Contest in Moderation

Create Interesting Content

Define your USP

Targeting Current Customers

The Ladder of Engagement

Tell Stories as Part of Your Facebook Campaign

How To Stop People From Scrolling Past Your Post?

Create Engaging Video Content

Understanding Content Marketing

Look For Inspiration




Principles to Power Your Facebook Strategy

MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS on Facebook can be very effective. If you are a small organization looking to expand your horizons, there is no better place for you to begin with than Facebook. It's a strong platform and with a little effort and the right persuasion skills, not only will you be able to market your business but also establish a brand that becomes popular in a short time span.

It is important to have an online presence if you want to stay in competition today and the best way for you to do this is to start marketing your business on social media platforms where most of the population spends its time. Facebook has over 1.7 billion people and that comprises almost 25% of the entire population of the earth. When it comes to marketing your business, not only is Facebook a great platform but it's also time-saving and helps you invest your money where you can get returns, thereby making it a profitable solution. However, if you want to make sure your marketing efforts do not go in vain you need the right Facebook strategy and principles to help you come up with a plan that accomplishes your goals and visions. Here are some interesting principles that you should base your Facebook marketing strategy that will help you create posts and content that's persuasive and helps increase your customer base.

Try Out Your Business First

WHETHER YOU ARE A SERVICE-based business or you are trying to sell products, always make sure you have complete knowledge of your business. It's important for you to first try your business out before you go out to the public and tell them to get involved with it. Once you know your business, it helps you to answer any questions that are thrown at you.

Apart from being able to identify the benefits and the USP of your business, you will also get to know any potential issues that may need to be rectified before it hits the audience. Marketing on a social media platform is great, but it comes at a price and if your business is not up to the mark, people are going to be vocal about it on the same platform. To put it in simple words, make sure you have all your corners covered and you start promoting your business on Facebook confidently, knowing that you are selling a strong brand to the audience.

Update Yourself with Information

UNDERSTAND HOW SOCIAL media interaction works so that you figure out a plan for your business and make the most out of each interaction in order for your marketing efforts to pay off. Learn more about Facebook analytics and the wide variety of different tools that Facebook offers to get data-driven results and figure out what strategies work best for your business.

Create A Personality for Your Brand

INSTEAD OF TRYING TO blend in with the crowd, you need to focus on standing out and Facebook will be able to do this for you when you establish a brand that's different from the others. Do something unique and have your own identity that helps you differ from other businesses that are similar in nature to your business. If you do the same thing they are doing, you are not going to get different results. Your results are based on the effort you put into your marketing and the strategies you apply. You have to be a little persuasive, a little unique, and bold if you want to make a mark on Facebook.

Interaction Is Important


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