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Seventy Thousand Camels: A Motivational Survivor's Memoir

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Seventy Thousand Camels: A Motivational Survivor's Memoir

Автор: Angelica A. Brewer

Длина: 765 стр.11 ч


Born in Rome in 1965, Angelica A. Brewer faced a tough childhood. Lonely and abused by her mother and family friends, her school life brought her some relief as refuge from the ravages of home.
At the age of 16, Angelica ran away from her new home in Australia and lived for a while in a youth refuge. Enrolling as a TAFE student, Angelica met Rhys and the two embarked on a relationship and eventually married. Over eight years they had three children, but their relationship deteriorated as Rhys became abusive. After 15 years of marriage, Angelica and Rhys separated. The following years saw Angelica embarking on a variety of careers and re-entering the dating scene, only to be disappointed.
Finally, Angelica met Adam Brewer (‘Brew’), a fellow correctional officer, but despite his unfailing love and support, she entered a downward spiral of depression and anxiety, ending in attempted suicide. Now recovered, she takes stock of her life and all she has learned from her journey so far.