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Accounting for Small Business

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Accounting for Small Business

Автор: IntroBooks Team

Длина: 31 стр.


In the USA most businesses in operation are made up of
micro and small businesses and are therefore of vital
importance to the country's economy. These companies are
large generating jobs and wealth, which contributes significantly
to the increase in gross domestic product - GDP.
But one factor that has been extensively studied is the fact that
they do not count with an efficient management system, which
often leads to death in the first years of life. Often through
ignorance or lack of advice from their accountants, small
business owners fail to benefit from the information generated
by the accounting that may be useful in business management.
They begin to make decisions based solely on experience and
who believe they have most often the results fall short of
Accounting is a science whose primary function is to provide
reliable information for decisions to be taken with the utmost
security. The information and data provided by accounting
represent management tools that will support and support will
decision-making and should be part of routine business, or
provide support at all stages of the company. Many of these
accounting controls are relatively easy to elaborate, and can be
easily applied in the management of micro and small
enterprises, especially those of retail trade, regardless of size.