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Overcoming Anger

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Overcoming Anger

Автор: Alice Briggs

Длина: 60 стр.32 мин


Do you get out of control when upset?
Do your friends and family feel unsafe when you are angry?
Do you fly into a rage easily?
If so, you may need some healing from anger.
Anger tells you that it makes you powerful. Anger tells you that it’s good for your friends and family to be afraid of you when you’re upset. Anger tells you that it’s just how you are and that you cannot change.
Anger lies.
This book will walk you through emotional and spiritual healing strategies from a Christian worldview so you won’t need to listen to those lies ever again. We’ll cover:
Generational Issues
Ungodly Beliefs and Lies
Emotional Wounds
Demonic Oppression
And more!
Plus strategies to walk out the healing you’ve received.
Are you ready to flourish in your relationships with peace?
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Note: Each book in this series utilizes the same tools, but is tailored to each topic.