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The Wizard Of Trope: A Sinking World Novel

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The Wizard Of Trope: A Sinking World Novel

Автор: S. Markem

Длина: 290 стр.4 ч


Disaster! The mythological kind.
And it all started so innocently—capture a faerie princess for the local wizard. Standard stuff for any second rate adventurer. But... one thing leads to another, and now an entire city teeters on the brink of destruction!
The lives of thousands are in the balance, and their salvation falls to Blagre the Magnificent, a powerful wizard with a few—er— eccentricities, and his ragtag band of journeyman heroes. Ok, they may have caused the whole sorry business, but they’re determined to put things right again.
Join Blagre, Art, Lance, Susan, Paltrow and Princess Havfrue as they cavort across the (soon to be) sunken kingdoms of Europe in search of the elusive Beastie; the only thing that can save the city.
What a line up it is!
A story guaranteed to be free of child protégées, boy wizards, ‘chosen’ ones, halflings, lovesick vampires, conflicted assassins and dreary Catholics. Everything is—albeit narrowly—on the right side of cliché—oh, apart from a magic ring of course.
Tall tales of daring, magic, beer, monsters and faerie logic fill the pages of this novel—and mercifully, there’s no poetry you need to skip past. An affectionate romp through the very best fantasy tropes— with a pinch of parody and a sprinkling of satire.A story for everyone who loves classic fantasy and wildly inaccurate historical fiction. So, come on in and meet your new friends. Welcome to Trope. Everyone is drinking beer and you, dear purchaser-of-this-novel, are picking up the tab.