On Borrowed Time: The Reinvention of a Lost Soul

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On Borrowed Time: The Reinvention of a Lost Soul

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"On Borrowed Time: The Reinvention of a Lost Soul" provides readers with a way to reinvent themselves even while facing the darkest of days. Delving deep into the psyche of a child to the depths of a young man given less than 48 hours to live.

All he ever wanted was to follow his dreams distancing himself from the trauma of his childhood. Trying to escape the self-generated prison, his mind had created just like a game. In a first of its kind, this self-help memoir provides a roadmap for those unable to find peace of mind.

The journey from New York to California is only one of the unconventional paths taken. Freedom from the bondage of self was only one step in which he embarked. Years of masking pain inevitably led to the need for reinvention, overcoming unfathomable obstacles just to stay alive.

From attempted suicide to the joys of fatherhood, this book takes the reader on the ride of their life. Never before has a story been told from this perspective, allowing readers to insert their stories as a template for their own reinvention. 

Being the judge, jury, and executioner of your own mind leads you into a path of darkness. "On Borrowed Time" provides the spark needed to invent a long-lasting light.